Not even my staff will escape scrutiny - Amidu

BY: Isaac Yeboah

Special Prosecutor nominee, Martin ABK Amadu, has vowed to live above board and ensure no staff of the Office of Special Prosecutor escapes scrutiny as far as corruption is concerned.

Appearing before the Appointments Committee of Parliament on Tuesday, Martin Amidu said should he be approved to head the office charged with prosecuting the fight against corruption, he, together with his deputy to be appointed and with a board in place, will explore many ways of catching would-be thieves, even within his office.

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This should be possible, he said, pointing out that the FBI of the United States is able to fish out wrong doers within its own ranks and it should be possible to fish out bribe takers within the Special Prosecutor’s office.

Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu had asked Martin Amidu to share with the committee what modalities and strategies he intends to employ to combat corruption wherever it exists in Ghana, “as it’s permeated every aspect of our public life, from the police officer on the street to the civil and public servant who is delaying process.”

Amidu called for the setting up of strong institutions, saying that when his nomination is approved and the office has the compliment of staff, he would work in ways that would ensure that no one working at the office would delude himself to think he is on holidays.

“…We will do it, so it’s not going to be a situation in which you will think that working in my office is just holiday, no, no, no, we shall make sure that if you get into it, we shall haul you there, because Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion and I, when you approve of me, I must be the first one above suspicion. I have demonstrated it before in positions I have held and I’m going to make sure that I myself I’m above suspicion. That is the basis on which we can eradicate corruption in this country.”

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