Human trafficking: Alert police on suspicious characters

The Commander of the Anti Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) of the Ghana Police Service, Superintendent Mike Baah, has appealed to the general public to critically observe people travelling in groups or with children to be able to alert the police when they notice any strange behaviour since those people could be victims of human trafficking.

He explained that very often people who are trafficked are moved from one area to another and such victims of human trafficking could be rescued with relevant information.

Supt. Baah pointed out that there have been a number of instances where people had been rescued due to the tip off the police had from passengers who were also travelling on the same vehicles with the victims.

The commander who was reacting to a report by the AHTU, noted that through observation and the conversations people had in vehicles it was easy to determine when people who were travelling against their will.

“When you noticed that something is wrong with the way people are behaving just ask the driver to drive to the nearest police station or call the police and make a report and the police will take up the issue and act on it,” he stated.

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He noted that in some of the cases reported to the police it was found that indeed, the people were being trafficked.

He cautioned the youth to be wary of people who promised them better lives outside the country since they could be human traffickers seeking to take them to other countries to sell them for hazardous labour or as prostitutes.<B>

Supt. Baah said the sole aim of AHTU was to prevent and eliminate human trafficking in the country and added that the identity of anybody who reported a case would not be disclosed.

He pointed out that in 2017, a total number of 339 people were rescued from human trafficking, adding that out of that number 310 had been forced into labour while 29 of them were forced to indulge in sexual activities.

Supt. Baah said the number of children who had been trafficked out of the 339 people were 190 with 188 of them engaged in hazardous work at faming and fishing communities while two of the children were forced to engage in sexual activities.

The AHTU, he said, was established in 2008 and has offices in all the 10 regions including Tema, and urged all with information to walk into their offices and report any suspicious behaviour or known human traffickers for investigation and quick action.