Ex-convict stabs father to death

BY: Emmanuel Mordey

Residents of Wa in the Upper West Region were last Friday thrown into a state of shock over the news of an ex-convict who allegedly stabbed his father to death.

Zibane Seidu was stabbed several times on the chest and other parts of the body while he was asleep.

The 23-year-old unemployed Nahim Seidu, who was already standing trial at the Wa Circuit Court for unlawful entry and stealing, is said to have performed the dastardly act with a knife he stole from a fetish shrine at Chari, near Wa.

The suspect, who lived with his father at Kambali, a suburb of Wa, is in police custody assisting in investigations. He is to re-appear before the court today.

The father has since been buried at Chari.


Seidu was convicted by the circuit court in 2015 of stealing, but was spared imprisonment only after his father paid the required fine.

According to the prosecutor, Mr Frank Nimako, a State Attorney, his father again stood surety for him at the court after he was arrested by the Special Weapon And Tactics (SWAT) Unit of the Regional Police Command on September 1, 2018, for allegedly stealing two mobile phones belonging to his uncle. The suspect was granted bail to re-appear last Friday, March 8, 2019.

Mr Nimako said the father, fearing that Nahim could jump bail, decided to pass the night with his son in his room to enable he, the father, to send him back to the court the next morning.

Nahim, however, decided to pounce on the father between 1a.m. and 2a.m. and stabbed him severally.

During the act, the father attempted to jump out of the bed amid cries for help. This attracted the attention of Zibane’s wife who rushed into the room. Even though the husband struggled to brief her on the son’s action, Zibane was pronounced dead on arrival at the regional hospital in Wa.

Concerned father

Mr Nimako said earlier, Zibane had expressed concern about the son’s strange behaviour and took him for deliverance at the shrine of a fetish priest from where he was believed to have stolen the knife.

When the fetish priest discovered the disappearance of his knife, he caused a gong-gong to be beaten throughout the neighbourhood.

But the ex-convict, also a school drop-out, refused to return the knife.