Ghanaians urged to use resources judiciously

BY: Timothy Ngnenbe
Rev. Maxwell K.K Liwnagol, the Head Pastor of the Old Fadama branch of the Evangelical Church of Ghana

The general public has been urged to save and make judicious use of resources in order to achieve financial independence.

The Head Pastor of the Old Fadama branch of the Evangelical Church of Ghana (ECG), Rev. Maxwell K.K. Liwangol, who made the call, also asked the public to avoid wasteful expenditure.

“The reason why most people are in abject poverty is that they fail to prioritise their needs and wants. We have limited resources as against numerous human wants, so it is important to make judicious use of our scarce resources,” he said.

Rev. Liwangol was speaking at a thanksgiving service to climax the ECG’s National Women’s Week celebration last Sunday.

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The event was on the theme: “Our Year of Increase.”

Proper planning

He said God had given all people equal opportunities to survive and that it took careful planning, hard work and setting of realistic goals to be successful.

“No good farmer who has foresight will ever eat his yam or seeds reserved for planting. This implies that as a people who desire to succeed, we must protect our capital. That is the only way we can grow or increase as the theme demands of us,” he said.

Rev. Liwangol said success in life required a lot of sacrifice and to not become complacent in one’s comfort zone. He further urged the public to be diligent in whatever they did.

He said there was the need to plan strategically in order to make proper use of time and appropriately respond to the seasons.

“Every day has 24 hours filled with opportunities to grow. But, we can only grow or increase when we make good use of time,” he said.

The word

Delivering a sermon from Deuteronomy 1:11 and Genesis 1:29-30, he asked members of the church and the public to avoid laziness and other negative attitudes that had the tendency to reduce work output.

He said although God had assured humanity of his blessings, it was important for everyone to adhere to the core tenets of Christianity, which required all believers to be prayerful and steadfast in their relationship with God.

Rev. Liwangol urged Christians to portray themselves to be the salt and the light of the world by being the unifiers in society.

“If you really abide by the tenets of Christianity, I do not think you will use intemperate language or insult your political opponents. As the general election draws near, we need to let our light shine in order to brighten hearts and promote unity,” he said.

He also asked parents to invest in the education of their children in order that they might come out to become responsible citizens in future.