Show love to persons with different sexual preference — Apostle Dr Ami-Narh

BY: Samuel Tei Adano
Apostle Dr Ami-Narh
Apostle Dr Ami-Narh

The President of the Apostolic Church, Ghana, Apostle Dr Aaron Ami-Narh, has urged the Church to embrace people with different sexual preference rather than hate them.

He noted that contrary to the assertion that the Church had not showed enough love and understanding to the LGBTQI+ people, the Church was willing and ready to preach the gospel of Christ for them to know what their creator wanted them to do.

“We believe that no one can be blamed for how he or she feels but such people must be responsible for their deed, this is because you are not directly responsible for your feelings but must you be held for what you do with your feelings,” he stressed.

Support for Coalition

Apostle Dr Ami-Narh was addressing the annual ascension of ministers of the Apostolic Church, Ghana, at Frafraha in Accra on the theme “moving from talent to skills”.

According to him, the Apostolic church fully supported the direction and agenda of the coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family values, stressing that as “Christians, it is important to protect our nation and also ask ourselves what is safe and right in the eyes of God”.

“We, as Ghanaians would want to preserve our culture, values and beliefs which have guided us for all these years and ensure that our children follow suit so that after we have left, posterity would judge us for being role models,” he said.

Preservation of Culture

“What they believe is good for them, let them practice and let us also practice what we feel is good for us and in the end, Ghana will win and a better place” he stated.

Apostle Dr Ami-Narh assured Ghanaians that “the waters are muddy now but it will settle and Ghanaians will see the real light that is ahead of us”. He gave the assurance that the arms of the Church and the coalition was opened to reach out to all those who had difficulties for salvation and help.

The time had come for African leaders to develop their talents into attainable skills which would in the end result into adding value to the lives of its people.


On the LGBTQI+, the Executive Secretary of National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values, Mr Moses Foh-Amoaning, was appreciative of the commitment of the leadership of the Apostolic Church for their support for the LGBTQI+ bill.

According to him, the actions of the coalition, made up of the Christian ecumenical groups, Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, Christian Council of Ghana, Catholic Bishops Conference, National Association of Charismatic Council of Churches and Muslim and traditional leaders on the issue were commendable.

He expressed appreciation to Apostle Aaron Ami-Narh, President of the Apostolic Church, Ghana, the leadership and the Church for the bold decision to openly support the coalition to support the passage of the LGBTQI+ bill.

No Hatred

Mr Foh-Amoaning was emphatic that the coalition did not and would never hate people involved in the LGBTQI+ practice.

“Why would we members of the coalition spend money to repair damages caused to their lower body and in the end wear diapers and turn around to hate them” he stated.

He commended the Apostolic Church and urged all other Christian-based churches to educate their members when they mounted the podium to clear the misconception of the coalition and let them know that Christ loved sinners and there was no reason for them to hate LGBTQI+ members.

“The Church is bringing healing, deliverance, redemption, to the devastated, denied, relegated to the background and deceived because that is what the Lord wants from us,” he said.