Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin — Speaker of Parliament
Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin — Speaker of Parliament

Avoid personal agendas, act in best interest of nation - Speaker urges MPs

The Speaker of Parliament, Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, last Friday urged Members of Parliament to be mindful of their words and actions, both within and outside the House.


He said as representatives of the people, they must eschew conduct that could breed chaos or undermine the integrity of the country’s democratic institutions, especially in an election year.

“Let us conduct ourselves with dignity and respect by upholding the values that define us as a nation,” he said.

Uphold mandate of Ghanaians

In his opening statement at the recall of Parliament Mr Bagbin said “While we are in an election year, we must remember that we still hold the mandate of the Ghanaian people until the expiry of our mandate on the stroke of midnight of January 6, 2025.

“It is our duty to act in the best interest of the nation by putting aside personal agendas,” he said. He informed them that he had to summon Parliament against the background of the ongoing limited registration exercise based on his assessment of a request submitted by members of the Majority, which he considered to have raised matters of national importance.

We’re servants of the people

Providing reasons why he recalled Parliament, the Speaker said he was confident that with goodwill and a commitment to dialogue as representatives of the people, lawmakers could overcome challenges that might arise, saying that “Let us remember that we are all servants of the Ghanaian people.”

“Our primary goal should always be to serve their interests and advance the cause of our nation. “As we embark on this session, let us renew our commitment to serving the people of Ghana with diligence, dedication and humility. Let us work together to build a better future for all our citizens,” he said.

Reminding lawmakers that the challenges confronting Ghana were complex and multifaceted, requiring careful consideration and thoughtful action, Mr Bagbin expressed his confidence in each MP to rise to the occasion.

“I am confident that each and every member of this House is capable of assessing the situation and ready to rise to the occasion. “What is important is for us to work together as leaders of our country for the common good as representatives of the people we are entrusted with the responsibility of addressing, pressing concerns and advancing legislation that serves the best interests of our nation,” he said.

Safeguard democracy

Telling the House that he was guided by the public interest in recalling the House, Mr Bagbin advised MPs to let their actions and decisions in the House reflect the will and aspirations of the Ghanaian people.

He particularly urged them to always strive to uphold the highest standards of integrity and accountability. “As we conduct our deliberation, it is important to recognise that we are in an election year.

This is a critical time for our nation, and we must all act responsibly to safeguard our democracy and ensure a peaceful transition of power,” he said.

Stop cedi depreciation

Questioning the urgency of what had been advertised, the subject matter of the recall, the Minority Leader, Dr Cassiel Ato Forson, said the urgent matter facing the people of Ghana, particularly businesses, traders and households was the free fall of the cedi.

He averred that the steep depreciation of the cedi had resulted in escalating prices of goods and services, a development that was worsening the plight of the already suffering Ghanaian.

“Businesses and traders at Abossey Okai, Okaishie, Makola, Mallam Atta, Keta, Kejetia, etc. are wailing about how the free fall of the cedi is eroding their capital, impacting their ability to restock and service their loans.

“This is an urgent matter that we should all be concerned about, and quickly take measures to address same,” he said. He told the House that the National Democratic Congress felt the pain, anguish and sleepless nights of Ghanaians as a result of the rapid fall of the cedi on the watch of President Akufo-Addo and Vice-President Alhaji Mahamadu Bawumia.

“Yet, these are not issues the government considers as urgent,” he said, citing how today food prices had gone “through the roof” in Ghana. “Many of our compatriots are unable to put food on the table for their families as over one million Ghanaians are likely to face food insecurity between June and August of this year because of rising food prices,” he said. 

Public interest

The Majority Leader, Alexander Afenyo-Markin, said the subject matter of the House’s recalled were of national importance and public interest. He said the business of the House was not the bonafide of the Majority but bonafide of the House.

He, therefore, expressed surprise that the Minority Leader saw certain matters as urgent to the national economy yet he and his colleagues, “sleeping on the job”, had not found it necessary for the House to consider the approval of ministerial nominees, $150 million and tax exemptions for businesses.

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