PSWU of TUC Ghana has officially launched their 60th anniversary

BY: Darkoa Portia Nana

Public Service Workers Union (PSWU) of TUC Ghana has officially launched their 60th anniversary with a call on its workers to intensify their workforce to the countries development.

The launch which took place today at the National Theater in Accra on the theme “Promoting quality Public Service Delivery and National Development- Setting the Agenda for Alternatives” aimed at promoting the economic and social interests of workers in the Ghanaian public.

Speaking at the event, the Acting General Secretary of the Ghana Trade Union Congress (TUC) Mr. Bernard Adjei stated that to be able to set the agenda for alternative they as a union intern to redefine themselves in terms of the service they as a members deliver to the union.

He added that the PSWU also intern to restructure their operations so as to deliver services to meet the changing needs and aspiration of the members in a responsive manner.

He went on to say that the PSWU would innovatively engage with the members (including past officers and retirees), government and management, partners and other stakeholders including the public to the betterment of the union.

According to him for the past 60 years the union has witnessed great technological advancement which offer many advantage the union could benefit from so they will develop a website with appropriate contents and service as well as social media account to easily reach out to members and them also to us.

He then said the union has the confidence, the will and means to promote quality public service delivery and national development and they will also set the agenda for alternative beginning with the launch.

He said the union is undertaking this initiative because of the poor working condition with injustice, hardship and poverty kills initiative and jeopardizes their progressive development.

For his part, the Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, Mr. Ignatius Baffour Awuah argued the public sector workers to be innovative and also use scares resource that are at their disposal to improve on the laws of Ghana.

He added that often time the public sectors workers are constrain with lot of problems that hinders their ability to deliver their service at the best in the cause of doing their job.

He went on to say that, due to artificial intelligence in the world now, the nature of work would also be affected so he argued PSWU to adopt to the changes that is happening in the future of works.
“60 years back when PSWU was formed the nature of job in Ghana perhaps was not the same as it is now, the future of work would not continue to be the same as it is comes perhaps in the next 50 -100 year so the future of work is changing “
The PSWU as part of their celebration unveiled their 60th anniversary cloth.

Dr.  Anthony Yaw Baah, Secretary General, TUC, said the future of the union was for those who were ready to unite, saying “the future would be different, but we have the opportunity to determine what the future would be.”

The PSWU is a pioneer Union in the Ghanaian public sector, formed on June 22, 1959 as a result of the merger of four house unions namely Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Customs, Excise and Preventive Services, Meteorological Department and Produce Inspection Unions.