The Kay&Kob Foundation supports the vulnerable in Accra

BY: Gertrude Ankah Nyavi
 The Kay& Kob Foundation helping the less privileged
The Kay& Kob Foundation helping the less privileged

The Kay&Kob Foundation, a non-profit making organisation, has donated a quantity of items worth GH¢23,000 to some vulnerable persons and institutions in parts of Accra.

The items included assorted food, bags, water and soft drinks, toys, candy, stickers, footwear, sanitary equipment, exercise books, pens and hope leaflets.

The institutions included 37 Military Hospital and the Osu Children’s Home.

People in areas such as James Town, Tesano, La, Shiashie, Ako Adjei Park and Nima have so far benefited from the initiative which started last December.

Basic need

In an interview with the Daily Graphic after the donation to the underprivileged in James Town, the Co-Founder of the foundation, Mr Kwaku Addo, said everyone deserved the right to have access to basic needs and opportunities to pursue their dreams.

He said he partnered two friends to set up the foundation to help lessen the burden of the vulnerable in society.

“Our plan is to fulfill the needs in a hierarchical order, starting off with the most basic needs before moving on to more advanced needs as time goes by.

“A step-by-step procedure was developed in order to help the less fortunate become self-actualised to fulfil their talents and potentialities in order to find meaning and purpose in their lives,” he explained and added: “In order to achieve this, we host a giveaway once a month in three deprived communities in Accra.

I have lived in Ghana for a significant number of years of my life. I grew up seeing people in poverty, absolute poverty.”

Hope to society

“The government offers little or no help to the underprivileged in disadvantaged communities, and the burden has been passed onto generations. It’s a cycle. I call it generational poverty,” he said.

Mr Addo further pointed out that the income inequality gap was getting wider by the day and people were starting to lose hope, stressing that the other objective of the foundation was to bring hope to the hopeless.