Brave woman foils robbery - Suspected robber remanded

BY: Justice Agbenorsi
Brave woman foils robbery - Suspected robber remanded
Brave woman foils robbery - Suspected robber remanded

The Adentan Circuit Court has remanded a man who allegedly tried to rob a cleaner of her bag in broad daylight.

It was the woman’s bravery that attracted help from a dutiful private security operative which crushed the operation of the robber.

The accused person, Gideon Kwame Agbo, has been charged with robbery at the court presided over by Ms Sedinam Awo Balokah.

He has, however, denied the charge.

His accomplice is currently on the run.

The court has ordered the prosecution to serve the accused person with all relevant documents two days before the next adjourned date.

Agbo is to re-appear on September 17, 2021.


The facts, as presented by the prosecutor, Chief Inspector Maxwell Lanyo, were that the complainant, Yaa Asantewaa, a cleaner residing in Ankonam, a suburb of Adentan, stepped out on her routine rounds to look for cleaning jobs to undertake.

As she walked about, she reached a spot near Ankonam Junction, where the accused and another person, now at large, approached her on their motorbike and accosted her.

Agbo, who was the pillion rider, got down with a cutlass and grabbed the complainant’s bag in a bid to dispossess her of it.

Asantewaa, however, mustered courage and struggled with Agbo amid shouts for help.

A private security man, who was on duty nearby, heard the lady’s shouts and went to her aid, and in the process arrested Agbo with the exhibit machete while his accomplice, whose identity and whereabouts he refused to disclose, managed to escape with the motorbike.

Agbo was handed over to the police along with the exhibits, and after investigations, was charged before the court.