Ama’s special handshake goes viral

BY: Kwadwo Baffoe Donkor
 Madam Ama, makes school filled with fun for her children.
Madam Ama, makes school filled with fun for her children.

She became an instant celebrity when the video of her and pupils in the special handshake went viral.

Since then, the hitherto unknown Madam Ama, as she is called by her pupils, has become a known face and name not only in Ghana but in the world, courtesy social media.

And the otherwise unknown school, Diamond State Academy, located at Atimatim-Maase in the Kwabre East District in the Ashanti Region, has also become popular and is benefiting from the fame of the ingenuity of the Kindergarten (KG) two teacher.

Born Madina Adutwumwaa Asare, Madam Ama is a Level 100 Early Childhood Education student of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW).

She has been teaching for the past three years and has taken it further to acquire professional training in Early Childhood Education by enrolling at the university.

The video that went viral has the KG teacher doing special handshakes with her kids before they enter the classroom to start the day’s lessons.

Each of the 31 pupils has his or her special way of greeting the teacher before entering the classroom, and this is done through some gestures and handshakes which are unique to each child.


In an interview with The Mirror, Miss Asare said her headmaster showed her a viral video of a similar thing that was done outside the country, and asked if she could devise something like that for her children.

She said after watching the video, she thought it was good, so she put it into practice by coming up with a unique form of greeting for each of the pupils.

She said following the special handshake, the pupils were always happy to come to school and ever ready to have that special handshake before entering the classroom.

According to her, the handshake had improved the pupils’ attendance to school and also made the school popular in the area.

She explained that previously, the pupils did not like coming to school and the school wanted to do something to motivate them to always come to school.

Magic wand

Ms Asare said the idea of the handshake looked very promising and after adopting it, it seemed to be that magic wand that the school needed to encourage attendance.

The Israeli-born Ghanaian said her love for children made her adopt the handshake method, which took the children about three days to master.

However, she said after the pupils grasped the unique handshake, “it takes less than 10 minutes for all the children to have their turn for lessons to start”.

Although not asking every teacher to copy her style, she said the teachers should be innovative and find ways to make the pupils always willing to be in school.