Advocate urges Ghanaians to prioritise peace for election 2024 and launches award scheme for peace advocates
Advocate urges Ghanaians to prioritise peace for election 2024 and launches award scheme for peace advocates

Advocate urges Ghanaians to prioritise peace for election 2024 and launches award scheme for peace advocates

The International Association of World Peace Advocate (IAWPA-Ghana) has launched an Election 2024 Peace Awareness Campaign
Dubbed the Africa Peace Advocate Award, it is scheduled to take place on September 21, 2024 to coincide with the United Nations International Day of Peace.


The man behind the awards, Samuel Owusu, who is the International Association of World Peace Advocate (IAWPA-Ghana ) and General Overseer Pottersville Church International at East Legon Hills in Accra launched the Election 2024 Peace Awareness Campaign on Monday. 

Other peace advocates from various countries are expected to grace the awards ceremony in Ghana in September.

Addressing a press conference at the launch, Samuel Owusu explained that the Africa Peace Advocate Award is an esteemed recognition that celebrates individuals or organisations that have made significant contributions to promoting peace and harmony across the African continent. 

It is an esteemed honour given to those who have dedicated their efforts towards conflict resolution, social justice, and building bridges between diverse communities in Africa.

Established with the aim of fostering peace and stability in Africa, the award acknowledges the importance of individuals and organisations in creating peaceful environments and facilitating dialogue among different groups, he said. 

He explained that by honouring these peace advocates, the award aims to inspire others to join the cause and work towards a more united and peaceful continent.

He urged Ghanaians to prioritise peace for election 2024 and desist from violence.

He urged the Electoral Commission, security agencies and all relevant institutions to ensure fairness in the process.

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IAWPA -GHANA Calls for

1.  Peace and Unity among party faithful Ahead of the Ghana Election 2024*

2. EC to uphold Honesty and consistency toward Election 2024 matters.

3. All Ghanaians to vote as an act of patriotism and on peaceful campaign. 

International Association of World Peace Advocates (IAWPA) today urged all Ghanaians to prioritize peace and unity as the country approaches the 2024 general elections.

"Peace is the foundation of democratic governance, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that the electoral process is free from violence, intimidation, and hate speech."

We are appealing to all political parties, media houses and then Electoral Commission and all political party supporters, and all stakeholders to:

  • Promote peaceful campaigning and dialogue
  • - Respect opposing views and opinions
  • - Refrain from violence and inflammatory rhetoric.
  • - Prioritize the nation's interest above personal or political gain.

IAWPA also urged the Electoral Commission, security agencies, and other relevant institutions to ensure a fair, transparent, and peaceful electoral process. 

We again, urge the Electoral Commission to uphold honesty and consistency in dealing with elections matters. We have noticed inconsistencies in Electoral Commissions informations and this is a security threat that must be dealt with moving forward.

We urge the Electoral Commission ( EC ) to 

  1. Ensure a level playing field for all political parties and candidates.
  2. Implement robust security measures to prevent violence and intimidation.
  3. Conduct strong voter education and awareness programs to promote peaceful participation.
  4. Establish effective communication channels for reporting and addressing electoral concerns.
  5. Collaborate with security agencies, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders to ensure a peaceful electoral process. And to all political parties and their leaders :All  focus should be on addressing key issues affecting the country. All should engage in constructive dialogue, present clear and achievable plans, and demonstrate a commitment to transparency and accountability. Fostering unity and inclusivity among diverse parties supporting groups is crucial for a peaceful and successful election process.
    The peaceful conduct of elections is crucial for Ghana's democratic growth, economic development, and social cohesion.  We trust that the Electoral commission will take all necessary steps to ensure the safety and integrity of the electoral process.
    To help avoid election malpractice, election with zero death toll, election with no casualty.
    We call on the President, H. E. NANA ADDO DANKWA AKUFFO ADDO, to encourage national unity and patriotism.
    To ensure smooth violent free election 2024. 
    We again ask the President, H.E. to show empathy to the youth of this country by providing all security measures to enhance peaceful elections.
    We call on all opposition parties and candidates   to conduct all campaigns void of hate speech and inflammatory comments to avoid unnecessary violence especially among the youth.
    We must do well to save Ghana from war, conflict and modern day migration slavery which has taken alot of our able Ghanaian youth to many countries.
    "Let us work together to build a Ghana where diverse perspectives are valued, and peaceful coexistence is the norm.

IAWPA is committed to the following PEACE  AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS.

1. Peaceful election without violence campaign 
2. Election free and fair campaign 
3. Social justice for all campaign 
4. Voters right and respect campaign 
5. Electoral Commission agent protection campaign 
6. Citizen freedom of expression campaign.
7. Political party leaders and commentators against hate speeches campaign.
8. Media freedom campaign.
9. National Peace concert.
10. Africa peace advocate award.
11. Nation Peace Prayer rally.
12. National Peace awareness media tour.


We call on all Ghanaian religious leaders, traditional rulers, opinion leaders to join us push the agenda of Peace awareness ahead of General Elections 2024. We call on the government "Every vote Counts, every soul matters “. Election free and fair.

Election no violence campaign NOW!!!

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