Only 16 schools licensed to run Cambridge Assessment in Ghana

BY: Severious Kale Dery
Dr Hilda Hagar Ampadu, Inspector-General of NaSIA
Dr Hilda Hagar Ampadu, Inspector-General of NaSIA

Out of the 74 schools claiming to run the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) curriculum in the country, only 16 have been licensed by the National Schools Inspectorate Authority (NaSIA) for the 2021/2022 academic year.

That represents a little over 21 per cent, while only five schools have been licensed by the NaSIA to run the International Baccalaurete (IB) curriculum in the country for the 2021/2022 academic year instead of the 10 claiming to have been accredited.

Affected schools
Some of the schools that have not been licensed for the 2021/2022 academic year include the Ghana International School, Faith Montessori School, Golden Sunbeam International School, East Airport International School, Merton International Primary & High School, Hilltop School, Morning Star International High School, Vilac International School and Enas Hybrid School.

Others are Delhi Private International School, Angels Specialist School International, Temple Christian School, Victoria Grammar School, Penfield School, Aga School, British Columbia College, Angel’s Ridge School, Tartrate Christian College and Savannah International Academy.

Act 1023
Section 98 (2&3) of the Education Regulatory Bodies Act 2020 (Act1023) requires all schools in Ghana to be licensed by NaSIA in order to operate.

The Inspector-General of NaSIA, Dr Hilda Hagar Ampadu in an interview advised the affected schools to take steps to regularize their activities by going through the right procedures to get their facilities licensed by NaSIA in accordance with the requirements under Act 1023.

She said the affected schools must go through the procedures to avoid “giving NaSIA the unpleasant duty to apply the law.

“By law (ACT 1023), they are required to register with the authority by way of licensing.

“The law allows the authority to carry out enforcement actions against schools that refuse to license,” Dr Ampadu explained to the Graphic Online.