Need for collaboration between government, PTAs to make Free SHS a success

BY: Mary Anane-Amponsah
Mr Christian Kofi Ani-Frimpong (right) presenting the desks to the Headmaster, Mr Jonathan Agbley
Mr Christian Kofi Ani-Frimpong (right) presenting the desks to the Headmaster, Mr Jonathan Agbley

The Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of the Peki Senior High School (PESCO), Mr Christian Kofi Ani-Frimpong, has called for a collaborative effort between the government and PTAs to enhance the successful implementation of the country’s free SHS policy.

He said the PTA for instance had provided a boys’ dormitory which was housing about 200 students, provided bungalows for seven teachers, a school bus and currently constructing a two-storey accommodation for teachers.

In an interview with the Daily Graphic during which the association presented 150 mono desks to the school, Mr Ani-Frimpong said comments from some government officials that the PTA was a voluntary organisation and therefore parents could decide to pay dues, tended to disorganise the association, especially during the period of free SHS where most schools were encountering a lot of infrastructure challenges.

PTA’s contribution

“As we all know, the government cannot do the work alone by providing all the basic infrastructure. Using the Peki SHS as a reference point, it is obvious that most of the infrastructure was provided by the PTA”, he said, adding, “As at now, we are meeting the parents of the first year’s for discussion because some have said that since PTA dues were not compulsory, they will not pay it.”

He said the government needed to encourage these associations to support its agenda of creating a conducive learning environment that would alleviate most problems that school management might encounter in meeting the needs of students.


The presentation was to help provide desks for the first year students who were faced with furniture problems due to the overwhelming number of students admitted for the first term.

The Headmaster of the school, Mr Jonathan Delase Agbley, thanked the association for its support, adding that with a student population of 1,400 with 542 being first year students, “we are still in need of about 600 desks for the students”.

He said the girls’ dormitory was also over-stretched, thus the school needed a new dormitory and called on the GETFund to complete a 12-classroom block under construction to ease congestion in the classrooms.