Crown Prince Academy inaugurates German club

BY: Emmanuel Bonney
• Mr Rudiger John (3rd left) sharing a joke with his wife, Mrs Martina John (2nd left), and Mrs Prince-Boateng (left). Those with them are  some dignitaries at the inauguration.

The Crown Prince Academy at Kwashieman in Accra has inaugurated a German club to expose the students to the various academic, socio-cultural and technological benefits of the German language.

In addition, the club would establish a stronger social and professional partnership with native speakers of the German language. Inaugurating the club, the German Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Rudiger John, underscored the need for the provision of good and quality education, stressing that, “It is universally acknowledged that a good education is the basis for a successful life”.

The event was on the theme: “A Different Language is a Different Vision of Life”.



Mr John commended the school for establishing the club, adding that knowing different languages opened one’s mind and gave the person a new perspective of life.

“To learn German can be mind boggling, exhausting, exciting, useful and fun. To put it in one word Deutsch ist wunderbar, meaning German is wonderful,” he said.

The Managing Director of the school, Mrs Susanne Prince-Boateng, said the beginning of the process to establish the club was not  easy, especially in the search for a dedicated teacher.

However, she said, the school was able to find a committed teacher in the person of Daniel Este, who is also the coordinator of the club. The President of the Ghana-German Economic Association, Mr Stephen Antwi, told the students that learning a new language would give them a new vision of life.