Will you accept anal sex?

BY: Dr John Boakye

Since the sexual explosion era decades ago many people continually seek ways of expressing their sexual fantasies. One such fantasy is anal sex or anal intercourse, the insertion of the penis, fingers, tongue or foreign objects such as vibrators in the anus for sexual pleasure. 

One thing is certain; even though discussions on anal sex is considered a taboo, it is an increasing sexual activity. For example a study by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) of USA showed anal sex was growing in popularity especially among the couples under 45 years, with about 36 per cent of women and 44 per cent of men having anal sex.

Again according to a study done by Indiana University in 2012, more and more people were having anal sex. While in 1996 only about 25 per cent of men and women were having anal sex, in 2009, 40-45 per cent of partners were having anal sex with an opposite partner.

Why anal sex?
Ghanaians are caught in transfer of culture because we blindly copy foreign lifestyles. The desire to experiment in anal sex may be triggered by pornographic materials. Tragically many of us see foreign lifestyles as fashionable and mark of advancement to copy, especially if they see favourite singers and actors are involved.

For some the fact that it is a taboo makes it exciting to experiment new fantasies. The idea of doing something unusual is a big turn-on to explore sexual desires. Again today some fake Pastors, healers and occultists sometimes demand anal sex as remedy for healing, riches, power and social recognition.

Many Ghanaians have been victims because they have the attitude of getting the best out of life with little effort and anal sex is worth the price.

Our present economic pressure and modern living have made many parents to shirk their responsibilities. Our children are left to do what suits them and some have become vulnerable to all forms of exploitation including anal sex. A client confessed to having anal sex when he was young and got addicted to it.

Any benefits?
There are nerves from the anterior walls of the rectum to the vagina. Again according to sex expert, Sheile Loanzo, the ‘legs’ of the clitoris go all the way back to the anus. It is also known that anal penetration stimulate the A-spot in the vagina.

This means adequate stimulation of the anus may lead to orgasm in women. A study in 2000 published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that of the 31 per cent of women who admitted having anal sex, 94 per cent had orgasm even leading to ‘squirting’ or female ejaculation , while the majority of women struggle with getting orgasm through vaginal penetration.

This happens because the anus is packed with loads of sensitive nerve endings and may lead to orgasm. Some partners therefore find anal sex a highly form of sexual intercourse.

Some argue that anal sex has the same benefits as normal penetrative vaginal sex. Physically anal sex triggers the body to increase the release of oxytocin and endorphin which are natural pain killers. Again anal sex is believed to improve hormonal balance and makes you less prone to diseases.

Emotionally it reduces depression and relieves tension, recharges the body and revitalises the mind. It is a powerful stress management tool. You express what you want to do. You improve intimacy as it helps you and your spouse to be closer and understand each other better. There is no risk of pregnancy.

Any dangers?
Anal sex comes with great health risks for both men and women which are too serious to be ignored. For example the anus is definitely not made for sexual intercourse because unlike the vagina, the anus lacks the cells that create flexibility and natural lubricants. The lining of the anus is also thinner than the vagina. The lack of lubrication increases risk of friction. This makes anal sex painful and tearing of the delicate tissues and bleeding are very common.

The stool which passes through the anus when leaving the body contains high levels of harmful bacteria which can invade the skin through the tears and expose you to many diseases including sexually transmitted diseases. Anal sex also increases your risk of HIV infection. It may cause the anal sphincter to be stretched and weakened and long term damage may lead to incontinence and loss of sphincter control

The transfer of harmful bacteria to the vagina or urethra can result in infections. Damage can also be done to the urogenital track as well as other areas. Anal sex is also commonly associated with increased colorectal cancer.

Do you want anal sex?
Consider a recent case of a man who demands anal sex. His wife rejects the idea and he threatens to divorce her and marry his girlfriend who loves anal sex. His wife is very disturbed because she is totally dependent on her husband and hated divorce.

Fact is anal sex is a contentious issue. Some see it as appalling, distasteful and unacceptable and compare those having both vaginal and anal sex to house flies that eat both cake and toilet! Others see it as great, varied and amazing. The decision to have anal sex must however depend on mutual agreement between couples. No one should do anything that makes a partner uncomfortable because sex is never for control but pleasure and togetherness.

In deciding on anal sex, first consider the ethics of anal sex and appreciate that God made us male and female, gave us suitable anatomies and called us into sexual pleasure pleasing to Him. It is only normal vaginal penetrative sex that establishes true and moral human values.
Again reflect on this biblical message; everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. Back to the question; will you accept anal sex? You choose because you are the choices you make in life.

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