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Mon, Aug

Time to celebrate fatherhood

Time to celebrate fatherhood

The origin of father’s day is not clear but many attribute it to Senora Smart Doud whose mother died while giving birth to her. In an act of bravely, her father, a war veteran raised her and other five other siblings single-handedly on a farm in Washington.

In 1910, grown and married, Sonora reflected on the heroic role her father played in her life and organised a holiday to honour her father and all fathers.  
Today, father’s day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in many countries. It is therefore time to celebrate fathers!

To children

Look back at how you have related to your father and resolve to obey him. You must also honour your father because it is the   first commandment of God with a promise; that all will go well with you and you will enjoy long life.

It is said that fathers know best but they are human. No matter how badly your father has treated you, see it as your maker’s way to make you stronger and wiser.
If your father ignored or maltreated you but made it you still have to thank him because it could have been a different story if he had been there to influence you in negative ways.

You must therefore forgive your father unconditionally, love him and do the best you can for him.
Honour your father this day because if for nothing at all, he is the reason for your life. Find ways to pamper him. Send a card, share a meal.
Send thoughtful gifts especially something you know he loves but not likely to buy himself. Show gratitude by doing something nice in return for all your father has done.

To fathers

As you celebrate the day with your children, make sober reflection and resolution of your role as a father. Be enthusiastic about it as a leader and mould your children through exemplary character, teaching, consulting and support.

Provide security. Make it safe for your children to share their thoughts and assume them of your support. You have to work hard to give your children basic needs- shelter, food, clothing, medical care.

It is also important you leave a legacy. It may be physical, good attitude or spiritual.
You need a good attitude to be a good father. Your unconditional love is your children’s greatest need. Let them know that you love them even when they show bad behaviours.

Treat them equally without favour. Your child may appear to be disrespectful and wasteful but they could be childish ways of exhibiting his or her talent.

Your duty is not to give up but to channel his or her behaviour to something useful.

Always remember that every person has a gift. Your challenge is to help your child to nurture his or her talent so that he/she can be useful to society.

The Akans say obi nnim oberepong  ahyase  or  you cannot tell who  will be successful in future. Your child who has a bad beginning can grow to be successful if you show love, care and guidance.

Make time for your children. The more involved you are with your children, the greater your chance of moulding your children’s intellectual and social development. Your therefore have to work like a team with your wife because father’s play unique and crucial way of nurturing children.

Fatherhood is a gift of our maker but you are responsible for your children who are in temporary trust of you. You are a steward. Give all your care and support.

Society will measure you by how your children grow up to be. Your children will appreciate your sacrifices and turn back to help you when you are old.

Pope John Paul  11 refers to the family as a sanctuary of love and hope for humanity. As a father, you are the cornerstone of the family which is the basic unit of the society. This means a father is the most important determinant of the health of a society.

With trust in God, commitment, honesty, affection, communication, hard work, forgiving spirit, you can make fatherhood a happy and lifelong experience.

Time to celebrate fatherhood

Mother’s Day is a most celebrated event in Ghana , third only to Christmas and Valentine but we hardly hear of Father’s day because many children have little or no fond memories of their fathers.

Many fathers shirk their responsibilities and leave their children to mothers who make all the sacrifices for their children’s development.

Yet when their children make it they are the first to claim all the honour and sometimes insist that marriage rites for their daughters be performed before them. We must however celebrate father’s to remind them of their unique role in the family and society.

Anything celebrated grows in health. We must therefore set this day apart to honour fathers, celebrate fatherhood, parental bonds and the influence of father’s in society.

Appreciate however that fatherhood is not about biology. It is about any man, father, grandfather, uncle, cousin, big brother, boss guardian, benefactor, spiritual head who acts as a father figure in your life.

Also, appreciate that without mothers and children, there can be no fathers. Father’s day is therefore a celebration for all- fathers, mothers, and children.
 It is therefore a good time for reflection and resolution for us all. Save your children. Save the society. Save the future. Happy Father’s Day!