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Why he chose her over you

Why he chose her over you

Have you ever known or heard of a guy who was a confirmed bachelor who completely turned around and committed to a lady?


This guy drifted from relationship to relationship, never quite settling down, until this woman showed up and sort of "swept him off his feet."

It might seem surprising but she might be a woman UNLIKE any other he’s met - and he just has to be with her.

 Maybe, some guy you were dating had a history of not settling down. You thought you could be the one to turn him around, but after a few dates, weeks, or even months, you were just another woman he dated and broke up with.

 What's worse is that you later found out he met ANOTHER woman and quickly settled down in a serious relationship with her or maybe they even got engaged.

When he says he needs "Space"

 If a guy has ever told you he needs space, I'm sure it filled you with a mixture of panic and anger.

You want to stop him from withdrawing, and you also don't understand what he means. You haven't told him what to do or tried to confine him, right?

 The truth is, many women accidentally do things that DO make a man feel like he's running out of oxygen - and make him want to run for the nearest exit. It’s really good to understand how a man's mind works and how to create a pressure-free environment for him where he will NATURALLY want to be closer and closer to you.

 What makes him choose you for the long haul?

 Why? Why is it another girl and not you?

 What does she know that you don't know?

 Well, let's talk about this mysterious other woman for a moment - the woman who GOT him.

 Do you think this woman was just born knowing how to entice a man and make him give up his freedom?

 Maybe. But most likely, she has figured out guys  better— that they DON'T think the way women do. She’s realised how men think about dating and commitment—what makes them tick and what turns them off. And then she used that information to make HER love life a whole lot easier.

 You see, when you know how things work with a man, his predictable patterns, and how to navigate dating and a relationship through a man's eyes, then suddenly your love life isn't such a struggle.

Instead of bracing yourself up for what may go wrong and what to do if a man says he needs space, you handle these moments with aplomb. And then the man realises he's with a woman unlike any other. This is when he starts begging YOU for commitment.

The commitment killer

Many women, on the other hand, don't know what to do when "the wheels come off," and they go into all sorts of behaviours that backfire - such as worrying, asking him what's wrong, and trying to convince him to be in a relationship with them.

 What ends up happening, if you do this, is that you've shifted the mood of the relationship from one that's fun and relaxing to one that's anxiety and pressure-ridden. Nothing makes a man withdraw faster.

 Instead of wanting to get closer to you, he starts getting the impression that something is wrong, and part of him feels like HE's wrong.

 Men don't commit when they feel they're not living up to your desires. It's the other way around - when a man senses that you're happy with him and that you're NOT looking to him to make you happy, he naturally WANTS to please you.

 Instead of being an obligation, you are actually a source of choice. If you've ever wondered why guys need "freedom," what they're really looking for is CHOICE. He wants to FREELY choose you - not feel like he HAS to.

Give him the ultimate freedom: A commitment to you


If a man doesn't feel like he's giving up his freedom with you, he'll naturally commit.

It is from this foundation that a man gradually realises, "Man, I gotta have this woman in my life." Instead of, "I'll just casually hang out in this relationship."

A man needs to feel that the connection between you is alive and growing - and this is convenient, because it's what you want to feel, too.

Make him have that gut certainty that he MUST be with you


It’s important to be aware that even the most in-love man will at a point drag his feet, especially as your relationship deepens.

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