Top 6 Things to Look For in a Man

BY: Samuel K. Obour

Don’t be this girl! Know what to look for in a man and save yourself a lot of heartache. Here are the top 6 indicators of a good guy that you can watch for on the first few dates.

1. He’s nice to other women. Lots of guys can be sweet as pie when you’re first getting to know him, but watch him interact with other women around him. Is he polite to his mom on the phone?

Does he talk down to the waitress? Does he badmouth his female friends? Does he even have any? Alright, maybe the waitress was being a little surly, but if he jumps immediately to calling her a bitch, that’s a sign that he isn’t a true friend to females. After a while his sugar-coating will wear off and you will be the recipient of the exact same treatment.

2. He’s in tune with your body. Physical cues, especially between couples, are crucial. If he can’t read your obvious body language or he flat-out ignores the verbal guidance you try to give him between the sheets, he doesn’t care about paying attention to you.

And he should want to be paying attention to your body. Good guys know how important physicality is and how subtle women can be, so they’re always trying to read your physical communication so they can please you inside and outside the bedroom.

3. He listens to you. It’s a pretty standard sign of respect. If all a guy does is talk about himself, all he cares about is stroking his own ego.

4. He reacts appropriately. He shouldn’t get mad when you’re 15 minutes late (as long as it’s not a habit). He should be understanding when normal life stuff is mildly inconvenient.

Impatient guys tend to get aggravated quickly. If aggravation is his go-to reaction, you can bet that he’s going to have lots of inappropriate reactions.

He'll probably get mad a lot, like when you’re sad, when you’re stressed, when you’re hurt and when you’re mad at him.

Also, if you notice him feeling very strongly one day about some people in his life and then he impulsively reverses his opinion, be prepared for the wrath of the childish, capricious man to fall on you as well.

5. He sticks by you. When he has a problem, is his first response to quit? When something is hard, does he make an excuse, denounce the system or blame someone else?

Listen to his stories and if you notice this pattern, you’ll know that when you have a problem in your relationship, his first move will be to flee.

6. He takes responsibility. Responsible guys don’t pass the buck about little stuff that’s their fault or blame the outcome of their own decisions on someone else.

If he has lots of stories of falling-outs with old bosses, ex-friends and estranged family, chances are that he’s the unreasonable (read: crazy) one. You can bet that he’ll soon be complaining that you’re trying to bring him down, too.

Source: Your Tango