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The other lady (Uncertainties)

The other lady (Uncertainties)

The evening was splendid and Zack left a lasting impression on Araba. They had a lot to talk about; from school to work, church and how odd it was for both of them to agree on a blind date and Araba wished time would freeze; forgetting she lived two hours away from The Grill and that she had work the following day.


Zack was a medical doctor. He was born in the country but had lived almost all his life in the United States of America. He had only returned to the country after his almost three year relationship with Emelia had ended. Emelia was also in the USA so he thought it a rather good idea to relocate to Ghana, find a job and concentrate on just that. The idea of dating was not part of his plan. He just wanted a different environment. 

He had been in the country for close to a year and had reconnected with some friends from childhood; one being Joyce’s husband, Michael and that was the only reason he was part of the bridal party. He had no idea he was going to meet Araba. He didn’t even think of that possibility. But here he was, sitting with Araba, laughing and chatting the night away.

It was time to leave and Zack walked her to her car. 

“It was nice meeting you Zack,” she said. 

“Same here, Araba. Let me know when you get home.” 

He reached out to hug her and as he leaned towards her, Araba froze in the moment not knowing what his intentions were. She closed her eyes in anticipation of what he was going to do. Zack drew closer and under his breath he wished her a safe journey home. 

What? That was all? Araba thought to herself. He was a gentleman and he didn’t want to create the wrong impression. Nonetheless, she was beside herself with joy. The night was more than she expected. She smiled throughout her way home. Zack had left an impression she could never forget. 

When Araba arrived home that night, she couldn’t help herself but reminisce what had ensued between her and Zack. It was next to nothing she had ever thought of. 

Araba arrived at work late the next morning. She had slept off in the couch while musing over Zack. Her boss called to find out if she was sick since it was unusual of her. She got to the office and blissfully went about her duties. 

She however forgot to call Zack when she got home. She reached for her phone in her bag only to see several missed calls from the previous night and even that morning. She quickly called back. 

“Hi Zack, I’m sorry I didn’t call you when I got home. I guess I was too exhausted and fell asleep immediately I fell on my bed. I trust you are doing well.”

“That’s ok. I can imagine. I only wanted to be sure you got home safe and sound. I’m glad you are fine. I’ll have to call you back since I’m attending to a patient at the moment,” he told her. 

“Sure, have a nice day,” Araba responded.

Wow, that was some kind of a conversation, she thought to herself. 

The day ended and she hadn’t heard back from Zack. Or was he not impressed with their first night out, she wondered. Several thoughts run through her mind but she shrugged them off, hopeful that he would call her. 

She retired to bed when she got home and just when she was done saying her last prayer for the day her phone beeped. It was Zack. He sent a message apologising for failing to call her back. He explained how an emergency took him away from his phone and how he was still at the hospital while chatting with her. 

She heaved a sigh of relief and texted back saying she completely understood the nature of his work. They chatted for about thirty minutes and she went to bed.

Three months had passed since their first day and their friendship had grown even stronger. They shared their dreams and goals and recalled their painful experiences with dating and how they had both decided to take a break. But one thing remained for Araba; she didn’t want to sound desperate. She had found a friend in Zack. 

But Zack wanted something more than just friendship. He had fallen in love with her. As much as he tried not to entertain the thoughts of romance, it just wouldn’t go away. The sight of Araba anytime they met was too tempting. He had tried kissing her once but he had to brush off the thought. What if she didn’t want him the way he did? He would have ruined their friendship. He thought. 

He decided to discuss his feelings and intentions with Michael, presuming he knew Araba better than he did. Michael did not have much to say but to encourage him if he was very sure about his feelings for her.  He picked his phone and texted Araba to set up a date. That weekend was her birthday and he wanted to surprise her.

To be continued…


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