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10 Beautiful signs you're ready for a new relationship

10 Beautiful signs you're ready for a new relationship

It's time to get out there and find the person you've been waiting for.


1. You are no longer insecure about the way you look. 

All the harsh criticisms that you heard before doesn’t bother you anymore. If someone broke up with you because of a flaw they saw in your physical appearance, then that’s their problem. You’re proud of who you are from inside out and you are never going to alter anything in your body. You still continue to walk with confidence knowing that somebody out there is going to fall in love with the way you carry and present yourself.

2. You don’t have emotional baggage anymore.

Your heart is free from any resentment towards the people who hurt you in the past. You can go to parties and not have to worry if you’re going to see your exes. You’re ready to start searching for the right one without a single bitterness from yesterday. Your perspective in relationships is wider, deeper, and more mature now compared before.

3. You know yourself more.

You know the kind of love that you should be going after (and the kind you should avoid) at all costs. You’re more careful in picking the person that you’re going to welcome in your life. You’re learning that wanting to have a relationship and needing to have a relationship are two different things. You don’t need to be with someone to make your life a better one. Rather, you want to be with someone because you’re excited to share your life with them.

4. You have time to go out.

You’ve grown so good in organizing your schedule. You can make time for your personal life because you know how to put boundaries between you and your other responsibilities. Having more time means you get to put yourself out there again in the dating world and meet different people. You’re bringing your romantic life to your list of priorities because you’ve decided that it’s time to allow your heart to go crazy once more.

5. You’re excited to meet someone new.

Attending blind dates that are set up by your friends makes you really excited. Even though you have no idea about what your date is going to wear, you still make some efforts to look nice. You’re memorizing few questions to ask to make your conversations with him or her entertaining. It might have been a really long time since the last time that you met a stranger, but the prospect of getting to know someone new still brings butterflies to your stomach.

6. You’re ready to compromise your beliefs.

Relationships are about two unique individuals who are trying every day to love each other despite their differences. Being in a new romantic companionship is a chance for you to prove to yourself that you’re more respectful when it comes to your partner’s views on life and love. You’re willing to create a tiny bit of space in your soul to accommodate and embrace your partner’s beliefs. To you, loving someone means choosing to see the good in them rather than focusing on your dissimilarities with them.

7. You don’t like to judge people.

You’re at this part of your life when you’re wholeheartedly accepting that people are going to frustrate you and disappoint you sometimes. You don’t expect everyone around you to do things the right way all the time. You understand that people make mistakes and that’s okay. You don’t have the right to judge them for their imperfections because you know that you also have moments of weakness. You patiently give those who show interest in you a chance to prove that they’re worth the risk.

8. You are aware about the red flags in dating.

One of the major rules in dating is to always listen to your gut. You don’t turn a blind eye when you notice something odd about the person you’re going out with. If you sense that the relationship isn’t going to be fruitful, you stop wasting your time and tell the other person about it. If you can feel in your bones that you’re being manipulated, you politely give an excuse about why you want to stop seeing them.

9. You feel complete. 

You’re not searching for a relationship so that somebody can fill up the missing part of you. Nobody can complete you but yourself. You’re already whole even when you’re single. Being with a special person is definitely going to add happiness within you, but it is not the only factor that can contribute to your overall satisfaction in life. It is still you, in the end, who can provide yourself the positivity that you need.

10. You’re prepared to fall in love again.

You’re ready to tell your stories, share your pain, and relate your hopes for the future with someone new. You’re opening your gates and broadcasting to the world that you’re emotionally available to have deeper connections with another human being, and you’re ready to give that lucky one the key to your heart. You’re ready to feel the magic again, to smile like a fool whenever you remember your significant other’s face, and to let yourself experience a passionate, romantic kind of love.


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