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BY: Abigail Bonsu

I need a complete makeover; what should I do? I don’t want to go beyond this year without making a serious change

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Dear Mr Langdon,
I need a complete makeover; what should I do? I don’t want to go beyond this year without making a serious change.
Maa Teley.

The call for change and makeovers always comes with the season; New Year, new ideas, new things, new life. These are genuine desires that ought to be handled well otherwise it can be disastrous afterwards.

A change always comes with an expectation of getting something better than the previous. Since there are expectations, there must be specifics.

These specifics help to determine if the change is ultimately rewarding. So for a major makeover every homeowner must take the following steps
• Do a problem analysis to detect and classify all the issues
Which room is giving the wrong signals and what exactly do you think or identify as an issue? Is it colour or style of furniture or the curtains? Something is obviously not right and you will be the best person to say so.

Are your floors finished in something different from what you prefer? Do you feel like you will suffocate when the windows are closed?
Keep thinking and keep asking yourself relevant questions, soon you will put your finger on a few more issues.

Are the furniture pieces giving you the vibe that it won’t fit even if you force them to conform to the ‘spirit’ of the room? Does everything else need to be changed, but that you have a limited budget? Or do you have sufficient financial resources but no idea what to do?

 One last question to consider during the analysis period is, do I really want to do this? Of course, at some point you'll have to determine a budget.

 If you're doing a complete change, it will cost more than just repainting. Interestingly, even on the smallest budget, by prudent measures it can be mind-blowing what changes you can achieve.

• Do a scope determination
It is advantageous to make your mind on what you want done. Are you looking for an inexpensive change or a dramatic makeover? Your plans and desires put together may exceed your financial capacity, but it's nice to have a plan. You can add to your project as at when you get some additional funds.

If you're renting, try to find ways to change the look by changing things you can take with you. Painting the walls may not be expensive, but you may have to pay to re-paint them back when you leave depending on the tenancy arrangements prevailing.

Alternatively consider if you can achieve a transformation by changing the bed linens or upholstery, fixing inexpensive curtains, or adding a few interesting accessories. These things can come along with you when you move.

If you have a new house, decide whether to concentrate on investment pieces or cosmetic changes based on how long you will live in this home.

• Clearly state what you want
It is essential that your home reflects your taste, likes and dislikes. Whether it's traditional or country, period or contemporary, it should show who you are.

There is no one-way to decorate a room. You are the boss on your makeover projects. Search for ideas in magazines; ask your friends; shop around for concepts.

Finally, your home makeover should be a work in progress, meaning that you can always do some work around it until you are so satisfied with what you have.

Ideally you have to do major works like painting, getting new furniture, or installing cabinets and flooring. But then you always create room for some wonderful lamp you chanced on during a visit to the electrical shop. Or make room for a new picture once in a while. If you love traveling, part of the fun of travel is picking up souvenirs and paraphernalia. Show your collections rather than stow away.

By Raphael Langdon

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