Valentine's Day gifts 101

BY: Papa Nyan Andoh
Val's Day gifts
Give exciting gifts on Val's Day

On the 14th of February every year, people all over the world dedicate the day to celebrating love. Although in recent times the corona virus pandemic has affected every aspect of our normal lives, it is clear that society is not ready to allow it to affect our usual festivity of love.

Even though things may not be as they usually are, one tradition that we are still looking forward to is the exchange of gifts. This year, here are five gifts that’s we must leave in 2020.

• Singlet and boxers.: Every year, men are expected to go above and beyond to get a romantic gift for their partners but in return, they end up with dull gifts like singlets and boxers.

Dear ladies, this year, please be more creative with your gifts. I entreat you to come up with a more exciting gift that befits your man. But if he actually needs singlet and boxers, please help a brother out, but not as a Val’s day gift.

• Chocolate.: I know Valentine’s Day is also chocolate day so I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this point. Chocolate is a wonderful gift on Valentine’s Day but it is slowly becoming a cliché.

Especially here in Ghana where people get you a tiny bar of ‘kingsbite’ as a gift and that is all. We can all agree that it simply is not enough. If you’re going to get your partner chocolate, don’t buy a bar buy a whole box.

• Sex.: I don’t know who needs to hear this, but sex is not a gift. I know I am shaking a lot of tables today and this point is highly debatable but I stand by it. Sex is not a gift.

I spoke to many people on this issue and the views varied greatly but I am sticking to my opinion. It doesn’t matter how you do it or where you do it. Especially relationships where sex is a regular occurrence, spicing it up for Valentine’s Day is still subpar.

If you want to have sex on Valentine’s Day feel free but please buy an actual gift as well. Oh and Val’s day or not fornication is still a sin!

• Cards.: I think it is safe to say that cards are the least exciting gift for your loved one. Buying someone else’s words and putting it in an envelope lacks all the excitement and magic of Valentine’s Day.

If you want to give your partner a card, the message inside should be written by you to make it more meaningful and sentimental.

Use all your sweet words and detail just how much your partner means to you. And when you’re done, buy an actual present and add it to it!

• Flowers.: I know this point will also seem controversial but hear me out. Flowers are wonderful gifts to give to your partner but let’s be honest, they are very cliché. So here is my advice, flowers should be used to accent another gift.

If your partner really loves her flowers you can surprise her with a beautiful bouquet of roses, if not, kindly use the flowers to beautify the real gift.

In the end it all comes down to how thoughtful the gift is. These five gifts are okay but they are not special or exciting enough for an entire 24 hours dedicated to love. 2020 was a difficult year and we are all still recovering from the stress of the pandemic.

So this particular year, do your partner a favour and get them the best meaningful gift that you can! And to all my single friends, wahala for who no get bae!! May this year be your year! Happy Valentine’s Day from my heart to yours.