Tips for making savings on taxi fares

BY: Graphic.com.gh

Patrons of ride-hailing apps services such as Taxify have been advised to take rides during off-peak hour to save money.

“Save money by requesting rides at times when traffic is a lot lighter. Consider requesting rides before 6am in the morning at 3pm after lunch and also after 9pm when heading back home at night to save money on rides on weekdays. This would leave you with a little extra cash every day this month,’’ a statement from Taxify said.

It also advised customers to share rides with two or three friends, who are going the same direction so they could split the bill.

Additionally, it called on customers to take advantage of promo offers.

“Taxify always has handy promo offers that you can benefit from. From discounts available on the app to regular giveaways on social media. You can take advantage of these offers simply by adding your card to the Taxify app and following Taxify’s social media pages,’’ it added.