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Wed, Aug

The bad side of skipping meals

It is always good to have all meals of the day

There are so many reasons why people have to start watching their diet. Top among them is for weight management among those who feel that they are becoming too fat. 

There are those who also watch their weight though they are not fat yet want to remain slim and maintain their shape. This applies to models, beauty pageants and some health conscious persons.

Young men would want to eat in certain ways so as to support their muscle building exercises. So they take protein shakes, casilan, vitamins, among other supplements. These they believe will help them build and firm up their muscles. 

Those in sports also would want to eat in certain ways so as to stay on top in their competition. Those suffering from malnutrition, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, among others, would also have a cause to watch their diet.

What happens beyond realizing the fact that you need to diet is of grave concern to us dieticians. There is a state of confusion in the person who wants to start dieting. This is because they do not know what to avoid or not to avoid. 

Friends, relatives, healthcare providers, books and the internet act as sources of information; both wrong and right to this confused person who must diet at all cost. 

The most difficult part of the issue is after these people consult with dieticians. They are now aware of the best eating plans that will help them; often these plans are at variance with what they are used to.

There is therefore the need for anyone in this kind of situation to plan on how to follow their new diet plans.

There are so many things people do when dieting that is all wrong; skipping meals, eating only fruits, fasting throughout the day, eating only vegetables, drinking lime juice and others.  

Let’s take a look at how bad it is to be skipping meals: 

Skipping meals can be bad

I have seen patients who skip breakfast for reasons such as; lack of appetite, lack of time, it is just not their style, work schedules would not allow them, they want to lose weight, and some just do not have the food to eat, among others.

Some skip lunch because they do not want to put on weight, they do not get time off busy schedules at work to eat, among others. Supper is mainly skipped because they do not want to continue climbing the weight ladder or they just do not feel hungry in the evening. 

Some people also eat a late lunch deliberately just so that they will not eat supper.  

It is always good to have all meals of the day. Even those who must lose weight should take their small meals; low in calories and high in fibre.

Late in the night; for example at 9pm, heavy meals are not healthy. You can make do with the low calorie cum high fibre combinations anyway. 

Where there is lack of appetite, the experts can be of help. My only caution to those who cannot take a break and take their lunch at work, or skip breakfast just because they have to rush and beat traffic and get to work early is that, they may fall sick some time later in life and their employers will engage the services of someone else who is fit to do what they were doing in the office.

The work continues without you.