Perfumery and clothing shop “JSM Collection” opens

BY: Kweku Zurek
Perfumery and clothing shop “JSM Collection” opensPerfumery and clothing shop “JSM Collection” opens

Perfumery and clothing shop, JSM Collection opened its doors for the first time to the general public on Friday, December 17, 2021, at New Achimota, Accra.

JSM Collection is a clothing, perfumery and accessories shop.

The idea of the JSM Collection was birthed by two sisters “The MPrah Sisters” who love fashion and like to look good.

Upon countless positive comments received from people, they decided to partner and bring the collection to life, so people can appreciate, patronize and most importantly look good and comfortable.

The concept of the JSM Collection is to make available what one will generally find in a woman's closet: clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes, jewellery, accessories, belts she can easily dress up with.

The brand started in 2019 mainly as a perfumery which took a year and a half prior to create concepts, look for partners that could try out the smells and scents that they were looking for, then evolved, adding other elements of fashion.

The JSM Luxury Fragrance Collection is a modern fragrance brand that is inspired by the rich Aromas of the Middle East and the Orient. To JSM, each scent tells its own story and is made from exquisitely blended ingredients that break with tradition to express the many moods of both classic and contemporary women.

The unique Eau de Parfum sprays fragrance line is created for an individual, seeking the exuberance of youth and a hint of mischief. The selections of unique scents can be worn solely, or layered with JSMs wide range of Eau de Parfum pure oils for a unique and individual effect and create one's own signature scent.

The MPrah Sisters mentioned on the launch day that: “In here, you'll find clothes that are unique and a little bit different. We are not looking to sell clothes that women will only wear once and that's it. We are looking to sell things that women can add on to what they have in their wardrobes and keep them for as long as they like.”

“The clothes are carefully selected from chosen brands that make quality items.”

The shop stocks clothes and accessories like jewellery, reading glasses, sunglasses, watches from brands like Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Chloe, Channel, Motley London, Thomas Sabo, Coach, and modern everyday fashion jewellery sourced from Dubai that will complement any outfit.

In the JSM Collection shop, you will also find handbags from Gucci, Michael Kors, Christian Dior, Prada and London brands that are “high street” like Massimo Dutti and Other Stories.

The shop also has an extensive collection of clothes from designers like J Crew, Neiman Marcus, Biba, Whistles, Marks & Spencer, Other Stories, and Nigerian brand Nkwo.

JSM wants to highlight the good sense of fashion and creativity of Africans through stocking these varieties of clothes and accessories to show how women can match African and western outfits.

The JSM Collection Shop is located at New Achimota, right beside Chef Zack restaurant and a few meters away from the Kinsby Hotel.

Find more about JSM Collection on Instagram @jsm_collection.