Lovers reunited 75 years on from WW2

BY: euronews.com

A veteran has beaten the odds to enjoy a tender reunion with his war-time lover, 75 years after they last set eyes on each other.

Kara Troy (KT) Robbins, stationed with the US army in north-eastern France in 1944, fell in love with local girl Jeannine Pierson, 18.

But one morning Robbins, 24, had to leave in a hurry for the eastern front. Later back in the US, he got married to someone else.

"When he left in the truck, I cried, of course, I was very sad," said Pierson. "I wish after the war he hadn't returned to America."

After the war, she began learning some basic English phrases in the hope Robbins would one day return to France.

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But, despite marrying, Robbins kept a picture of war-time sweetheart.

When he returned to France for this month's D-Day anniversary commemorations, he was clutching the image, unsure if she was still alive.

Robbins met some French journalists who helped track down his war-time lover and organise an emotional reunion.

"I always loved you. You never got out of my heart," Robbins said to Pierson as he laid his eyes on her again.

"He said he loves me. I understood that much," Pierson said in French, laughing.

So why hadn't Robbins come back sooner?

"You know, when you get married, after that, you can't do it anymore," said Robbins.

The pair, both now widowed, enjoyed a few hours of being reunited before Robbins had to leave for Normandy.

There was a tearful farewell as they promised to meet again. "Jeannine, I love you girl," Robbins said with tears in his eyes.