Five toxic friends you need to get raid of

BY: Arku Jasmine

The average Facebook user might have 190 friends but according to a study out today, we actually need just five trusted people in our lives – an agony aunt, an emotional support, someone good with money, a practically-minded person and a colleague we can ask for work advice. So if it’s time for a Facebook cull, who should be first on your ‘Unfriend’ list?
The Drain
Often the emotional rollercoaster type, this friend has no qualms about spending a night in the pub ‘offloading’ – usually while you upload a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Yes, we all need to do this once in a while but a Drain makes a habit of it – you’ll know you’ve got one if the next day you find yourself contemplating a career-switch into psychology. You feel for her but the trouble with this mood-killer is how much she frustrates you – don’t be surprised if you offer 100 possible solutions and all are met with a blanket ‘no’.

The Flake
Cancelling at the last minute, postponing until later, promising she’ll be there soon and then mysteriously not responding to texts – believe me, you’ll know if you’re friends with a flake. (Tip: Look in the mirror and see if your face has a resigned, world-weary expression.) Not only is the process of arranging to meet up exhausting (all those emails with subjects like Re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: Tonight!), chances are you’ll be in a bad mood with her before you even see her, which kinda makes the whole thing pointless

The Oversharer

You’ll know you’re mates with an oversharer if every time you hear her say your name in conversation, you leg it straight over and get ready to silence her with a manicured dig in the ribs. She re-tells your stories, blabs about that night you accidentally woke up at his place wearing an elf outfit and often accuses you of being “SO oversensitive” if you call her on it. This is one endless broadcast you could seriously do with switching off...

The Underminer
Something about you two is similar – your career, your style, your single status maybe – but it’s gone from being something that binds you to a toxic wedge. And toxic wedges (the clue is in the name) have to go. She’s competitive but on the sly – a veiled compliment here, an uneasy question there... If you have a boyfriend, don’t expect him to necessarily get it – women are subtly fine-tuned to detect underminers in a way that men just can’t. Like how we can find the shortcut to the Ikea Marketplace. And they just can’t.

The Stalker
This high-maintenance friend requires instant responses to her text messages and will happily berate you for not Liking her bikini pictures on Facebook. She assumes weekends will be spent together and books you in for what she calls ‘Quality Time’. Yikes. This is a high-intensity friendship that leaves you feeling a bit like it’s gonna blow any second. Unless you’re happy to straddle the fear/friendship tightrope, you might want to cool it.

Source: Cosmopolitan.co.uk