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Amy Tetteh wins 2023 World Art Day Painting and Textiles challenge
Amy Tetteh wins 2023 World Art Day Painting and Textiles challenge

Amy Tetteh wins 2023 World Art Day Painting and Textiles challenge

Amy Tetteh, a multimedia artist has won the 2023 World Art Day Painting and Textiles challenge in Accra.


The challenge was organised by the Women's Arts Institute Africa (wAiA) in celebration of this year's world art day.

The event was held at the Airport residential area in Accra on April 29, 2023. 

Amy Tetteh, a self-taught mixed media artist has over 10 years’ experience in the visual arts.

Her areas of specialty include illustrations for books, children's books, posters, comic and cartoon drawings, character design, album covers, custom design, and merchandise.

Announcing the award, Akwele Suma Glory, the President of wAi Africa said, the works met significant elements of painting and the winner delivered on the theme of the challenge, “Symbiosis of feminine energy, the sun and water”.

Presenting the award, Madam Franka-Maria, the founder of Antique Lemonade Concept Store said the artists came into the challenge with determination and creativity.

She explained that not everyone is an artist, and she is proud of Amy for using her gift.

Madam Franka-Maria said gifts are meant to be shared and help people.

She congratulated Amy Tetteh for winning and producing such a masterpiece and urged her to continue practicing her gift.

In her acceptance interview, Amy said she came into the competition wanting to win.

She explained that the topic of the challenge spoke to her themes of works, and she wanted to put herself to the test.

As it was her first live painting, she was concerned about not completing the work, but quickly overcame that. 

The judges of the competition were Madam Akwele Suma Glory President of wAi Africa, Joana Lekia Nelson, CEO of Craftsman Studio and Madam Yaa Asabea Ntiri Owusu, CEO of ASA-YA-NTI Clothing.

The judges assessed the winner of the challenge considering Interpretation of the theme, Purpose, Technique, Personal Expression, Creativity and Organization.

The first runner up was Barbara Butler, a painter and professional nurse.

Mabel Amoako the second runner up of the competition both are graduates of Ghanatta Collage of Arts and Designs.

The awards were presented by Mr. Robert Patrtick Andoh and Sylvia Aseidu, manager of Josie Cuppa Cappuccino respectively.

Other artists who took part in the competition were Emmanuella Addico, Ruth Adjanor, Samoah Pokua Sandra, Sena Ahadji, Mensah Naa Korkor Rebecca, Agboli Christiana, Eunice Lamptey, Dorothy Kyeraah and Ahadji Makafui.

The contestants were supported by younger artists namely Nana Yaa Ntiri Owusu and Akosua Ntiri Owusu.


The coordinator of the challenge, Yaganoma Baatuolkuu welcomed the contestants to the challenge and encouraged them to express their understanding of the challenge on canvas.        

She explained that the challenge theme focuses on the feminine energy of the sun and water, which is a symbiotic relationship in which the sun's warmth and light provide the necessary nourishment for growth, while the water's cool and reflective energy provides the calm and nurturing environment to promote growth.  

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