Getting boys to look fashionable

BY: Hadiza Nuhhu-Billa Quansah
Once you have money to spend on your children, then you should be prepared to give them the best

This week, we are going into the world of children, with specific focus on boys. If you are above the age of 40, you will recall that in the past, both baby boys and girls wore the same dresses.

In fact, they were often cotton dresses that looked like an apron.

Mostly, we are all attracted to girls’ clothing and accessories because they look very colourful and attractive.

As a result, some people always complain that it is very challenging to dress little boys to equally look very good. Times have changed and boys can equally look swanky just like the girls. The days when you see boys wearing non-flattery outfits and some boring colours are over.


These days, boys can be dressed in colourful outfits just like the girls: from pink, orange, purple, leaf green, yellow to all the other bright shades of colours. Break the monotony of buying clothes, shoes, hats and belts that come in blue, brown and blue-black among others.

Once you have money to spend on your children, then you should be prepared to give them the best. It does not matter if what you are getting for them is second-hand or new clothes; all you need to do is select clothes that will enable your newborn or little boy to look good while he follows you around.

Are you the type of parent who loves to buy oversized shoes, trousers and T-shirts for your children? If yes, then you may have to change your style because these days there are a lot of trendy clothes and shoes that you can buy with ease, so why buy oversized shoes that you have to stuff with cotton wool or papers?

Besides, the children of today have good taste and will, therefore, not stay glued to a pair of large shoes or trousers for church every week or Our Day every term. Some of their friends will make fun of them and that brings down their confidence.



In traditional households, mothers are the ones who choose and buy clothing for the children, so this is your chance to provide input as a gentleman of style. You might start by building a wardrobe that includes shirts with buttons and proper collars, flat caps, cardigans and leather shoes for example, instead of (or in addition to) the usual jeans, sneakers, baseball caps and hoodies with dinosaurs on them.


Though they may have only been in the world for a few years, the maxim of always dressing your age applies to boys too. You don’t want to put a boy in any big-sized ‘political suit,’ Kaftan or jeans with dull colours. Instead, go with bright colours and choose accessories with fun patterns like geometrically printed ties; these still have a sense of childhood about them.