How long can man go without food?

BY: Gifty Ashitey
Include vegetables in your meals everyday to stay healthy
Include vegetables in your meals everyday to stay healthy

We are all used to eating three times a day. Missing even a single meal is enough to upset us. Our body needs certain nutrients for regulating body processes, and building and maintaining body tissues. 

If our bodies do not receive the required nutrients, we can die of starvation.

Human beings and animals live in a state of ‘metabolic equilibrium’, which means maintaining the body weight once a certain point has been reached. 

Body weight is regulated by thirst, hunger and appetite. When the body lacks nutritional materials, the information registers in the hunger centre of the brain and we feel ‘hungry’.

Water is the most critical nutrient in our body. A loss of 20 per cent of the total body water leads to death. The human body consists of fat which is a form of stored energy. 

How long a person can go without food depends on the person’s supply of body fat. However, most people can survive for only 60 to 70 days without food.