Stay safe during the dry season

BY: Eugene Marfo
There are a lot of fire outbreaks associated with the harmattan season and we must not engage in acts that can easily spark off fires.

Dear Editor, The month of January is a dry season and during this time there are a lot of fire outbreaks.

As children, it is important that we know what to do in order to protect ourselves from the weather and also prevent the fires.

In order to protect ourselves from the harsh, dry weather, we should frequently apply shea butter or any pomade that will moisturise our skin so that it does not break.

This is because if it breaks, it can become prone to infections which could make us fall sick.

The weather is a bit cold and dusty so we should cover and protect ourselves very well, especially children who are asthmatic and have sickle cell diseases.  

If you get yourselves exposed to the bad weather, you can easily fall sick and in this era of COVID-19, it is important we stay healthy.

We have been in the house for a long time, therefore, we should not do anything that will make us fall sick and miss school. We need to make up for the months we spent at home and ensure that we put in our all towards our academic work.  

We have to inform our parents to buy lip balm for us because our lips can also break easily so that we don’t have sore lips.  

Some children are mischievous and so like playing with matches and lighters at home.

It is important that we desist from such acts because it can easily cause fire in the house and hurt us or destroy the properties and belongings of our parents.

We should learn to switch off all electrical gadgets and cylinders when they are not in use and always stay safe at home and school.

Eugene Marfo,
Bortianor M/A JHS,