Slip-Ups (The use of personal pronouns)

BY: Hannah A Amoah

Last week we looked at the order in which we arrange the personal pronouns if we have to use any two or all three pronouns in a sentence.
We said many people don't know that the personal pronouns --- I, YOU and HE/SHE/IT --- are not arranged any how, and that whenever you have to use any two of them or all three in a sentence, it should be the third person HE/SHE taking precedence over the second person YOU and the first person I, while the second person YOU also takes precedence over the first person I.
A reader drew my attention to the fact that he had seen in the Bible the verse:
which clearly goes against the principle of the third person taking precedence over the first person, as explained in my discussions.
The reader is right; there is a verse like that in the Bible, and I appreciate his concern that that verse goes against the principle concerning the arrangement of the personal pronouns.
Indeed, there is another ins