Short Story: Life in SHS

BY: Junior Graphic
Life in SHS has its ups and down but don't fall prey to peer pressure.

Imagine how delighted I was when I gained admission to my dream senior high school (SHS).

It was amazing indeed! Seeing my parents journeying to the school to work on my admission and preparing towards my departure to school excited me and I always had a smile on my face.

On the eve of the D-day, I didn’t sleep. I just laid in bed thinking about how the journey will go the next day as well as the environment in the school. I was really anxious.

When I finally reached school the next day and after going through all the necessary processes of registering, my parents left me but before that, they prayed for me and asked me to study hard. I was taken to the dormitory by some seniors. I wanted to explore other places of the school but I didn’t have the courage to do that since I was new so I stayed in the dormitory.

Going to SHS made me realise that Form One students face a lot of problems, many of which are unknown to the school authorities.

As a Form One student you learn to plan your time well and also adjust to your new life. I always heard about students being bullied in SHS but I thought they were exaggerated, However, I witnessed it myself.

In the boarding house, we were not allowed to rest or feel comfortable in any way. The workload for the juniors was just too much for us to bear. Some senior sometimes asked us to walk on our knees in the sand or particles of gari which were sprinkled on the floor. When we cried they told us it was part of school life because they also experienced it.

Another problem was our adjustment to the new life as Form One students, Since it was the first time away from home, many of us felt homesick. Some of my mates experienced health problems. Just recently, a first year student was sent to the house because he had skin rashes.

That boy was used to modern washrooms, but when he came to school, the lavatory was not modern so after visiting there for a week, he began to develop itchy skin.

Moreover, some freshmen found it difficult to eat the dining hall food since some of the them were not used to the food served there. Others too skipped dinning and depended on their provisions. Soon they ran out of provisions and did not have enough to eat so they started growing lean.

Some students were not used to waking up early, but in SHS, first year students have to wake up early because they have work to do at the dormirtories and on the school compound . Wo betides you if you go against the school rules. You will either scrub or be given a portion to weed.

As we were going though all these, I realised that we have not prepared well for senior high school life. Parents or guardians and teachers ensure that Basic Education Certificate Examination candidates (BECE) are always studying their books to pass their examinations with flying colours but they fail to educate us about the life beyond junior high school.

It is good for parents, guardians and teachers to educate us on what to expect at SHSs. It will not scare us but rather prepare us well for the journey ahead.

I believe my mates and I will get used to secondary school life gradually. We have a lot to tell our siblings, friends and parents, when we come home.

 Damoah K. Prince Acherensua,

 Senior High School,

Acherensua-Ahafo Region.