Senegalese-born TikTok star gets Italian citizenship

BY: Africa News

Khaby Lame, the world's most-followed Tik-Tokker, became an Italian citizen on Wednesday.

The 22-year-old was born in Senegal then moved to Italy as a toddler and was raised in a poor area of the town of Chivasso, outside of Turin.

A solemn ceremony for a playful personality.

Senegalese-born and Tik-tok Mega star, Khaby lame became an Italian citizen Wednesday.

The one who arrived in Italy as a toddler swore to be faithful to the Italian Republic and to observe the Constitution and the state's laws.

"I am very proud", Lame said. His Senegalese parents settled in Italy when he was still a child, so after more than 15 years spent in the Alpine nation, he "already felt Italian". 'It is not that before signing, I did not feel Italian, so very little has changed", he confessed.

It is in the Chivasso city hall that Lame received a new citizenship. He grew up in a poor area of the city which is located outside of Turin. When Covid hit, he lost his work and turned to social media only to become a superstar.

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