Letters: Be mindful where you eat

Dear Editor, I read in the Daily Graphic two weeks ago about how five people died from eating ‘waakye’ outside their homes while others were still receiving treatment.

I have now realised that the surroundings of a food vendor might be clean yet the food might be contaminated.


It is crucial for us to be extra careful not to eat cold foods, especially the ones we buy from outside. Let us try as much as possible to eat home-made meals often because that way, we are sure they were prepared by our parents, under hygienic conditions.

Let us also observe some food safety measures such as hand washing, covering our food properly if we are not ready to eat, and separating salads from main dishes when not ready to eat.

I also advise parents not to take chances as to where their children buy their foods for school. That way, food poisoning can be prevented.

 Emmanuel Dodjie, Accra.



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