Is it bad to have boys as friends?

BY: Junior Graphic

Dear Auntie Betty, I am a student in Form Two. I have many friends but most of them are boys.

Due to that, my friends and teachers think “I like boys”. My teachers have advised my friends to stay away from me.

What should I do?

Worried Girl,




Dear Worried Girl,
 There is nothing wrong with having boys as friends because you need to socialise and interact with the opposite sex to get to know and be comfortable around them.

However, you have to be careful about your relationship with the boys so that it does not give a wrong impression.

For instance, you should not be alone with them in isolated places which may lead you to engage in a boy-girl relationship. At this stage in your life, you easily get attracted to the opposite sex so you must prevent that and remain the child that you are. You also have to ensure that the boys you associate with have a good reputation.

 Having male friends helps you learn about them and vice versa. In life, you will be interacting with the opposite sex in different spheres and areas, so it is important to have a mix of friends as you grow up. Additionally, girls who have male friends have an open mind and they may end up having them (boys) as long-lasting friends in the future.

What is important is to let your friendship with the boys help all of you improve on your academic work, as well as uphold the highest values in life.

I, however, encourage you not to spend all your time with the boys but to make time for your female friends as well because you need that balance in your life.

I do not know why your teachers have advised your friends to shun your company so it is difficult to make any comment on that because I do not want to make any assumption. What you have to do is to be careful about the way you relate with the boys as I have stated earlier.

You have to do your best to prove them wrong by being a good girl, a good influence, and one of the best students in your school.

Let your actions show that your relationship with the boys is nothing but the great, positive, and true friendship which is mutually beneficial and necessary for your journey into adulthood.
I wish you the very best.