I want to stay in school

I want to stay in school

Dear Auntie Betty, My father always buys the Junior Graphic newspaper for me to read. You have been solving problems for people in my age group so please advise me on this: I was reading my book outside when one of the boys in my neighbourhood told me to stop going to school and work with him.

He said I’ll make a lot of money from working.
I got angry about what he said and told my father. My father was also angry and warned him.
I’m one of the best students in my school and also on scholarship.
What should I do?

Dear William, It is good you told your dad about it and he cautioned him. My advice is that do not listen to anyone who says you should abandon your education and engage in any other activity. Getting proper education is the best thing that could ever happen to you. I believe the work the boy is talking about will not be able to sustain you in future.

Education is very important because, among other things, it empowers you and is the key to a bright future. Every child deserves a chance to quality education and so take your education seriously and study hard in order to achieve your dreams. You are fortunate to be on scholarship. It is not everyone who gets that privilege so do not take it for granted. Study hard to make yourself, your parents and your school proud.

Once the ‘area boy’ has made a move to lure you into working with him, he will not stop until he achieves his aim. Therefore, you should avoid him and not listen to anything that he tells you about working to make money. The right time will come for you to start working but this is not the time. Shun his company and make it clear to him that you are only interested in your education in order to be a better person in future.
All the best.  

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