‘Ayekoo’ to all teachers

BY: Eugenia Asare Tandoh

World Teachers’ Day is held annually on October 5 to celebrate all teachers around the globe.

It commemorates the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 Recommendations of the International Labour Organisation/ United Nations Educational Social and Cultural Organisation (ILO/UNESCO) concerning the status of teachers, which sets standards regarding the rights and responsibilities of teachers as well as standards for their preparation and further education; recruitment, employment, and teaching and learning conditions.

In view of this, the Junior Graphic interviewed readers to express their appreciation to their teachers for what they are doing in their lives.


Hillary Klenam Kanyi,
Kabore School Complex, 
Ho-Volta Region.
I say ‘’ayekoo’’ to all teachers especially all those who have taught me since I started schooling.

I want especially to appreciate the efforts of two very wonderful teachers who have been helpful to me.

They are my class teacher, Mr Pascal Mensah, “Sir Pascal” of Kabore School Complex and my extra classes teacher, Mr Samson Batawula, “Monsieur Batawula” of Royal Praise Preparatory School, all in Ho.

These two teachers have helped in improving my academic work. They have been encouraging me to learn very hard and always aim to be the best in whatever I do.

They are always ready to give me extra tuition to help me understand better all that I have been taught in class.

I remember some time ago I was not doing so well in Mathematics and my parents were not very happy with it, but through the effort of these two teachers my performance in Mathematics has improved so much.

I wonder how the world would be like without teachers.

May God bless all teachers and reward them abundantly.


Kwasi Oheneba Asare,
Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School,

Teachers are wonderful people who help us to reach our full potential. Without them, I don't know what would have become of us.

I know they punish us so we can do the right thing and also learn from our mistakes.

I am grateful to my class teacher, Mrs Diana Twum, who is patient and advises us all the time, and also my former extra classes teacher, Mr Joseph Nartey, for teaching me a lot of things.



Emmanuella Awuradjoa Aidoo,
University of Cape Coast Basic School,
Central Region.

When I was in Class One and Two, I didn’t like Mathematics so much but from Class Three, I started developing a lot of interest in the subject.

This has been possible through the effort put in by my Mathematics teacher to make me understand and love the subject.
Our teachers do their best always in teaching us and we’re grateful.

Apart from this, some of the teachers care so much about us and show us so much love as if they are our second parents.

Teachers are the best! We thank them for giving us a bright future.


Ama Wirekoa Sasu,
Divine Montessori School,
Sunyani, Bono Region.

A teacher is someone who does not only teach what is in the books but goes a step further to guide his or her students in their moral and social values.

My favourite is a remarkable, intelligent, dutiful and excellent woman, who is also like a mother to me.

She has helped me emotionally, mentally and more importantly, my academic life has improved ever since I got to know her. I appreciate her so much.

I just want other teachers to be as dedicated to their pupils and students, and also be patient with them.
We wish all teachers the best of everything. God bless you.


Jessica Sanjock,
Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School,

I think that teachers deserve much more than what they are getting because of the efforts they put into their work.

Teachers are our friends, guardians as well as counsellors. Our teacher, Sir Prince, is one of such teachers.

He is so dedicated to his job and most students are comfortable with him.

We want him and other equally dedicated teachers to continue their good work.

Kudos to all teachers! We love you.