Junior Graphic:Poems

BY: Junior Graphic

A strong woman knows how to keep her life in order

Even with tears in her eyes she still manages to say
I am okay with a smile
Her home is the happiest and peaceful place to be
There is discipline there
So be a strong woman and learn from them too.

Sophia Amoah,
The Nest School Complex,


You are yourself and there is no one like you - unique self
Your duplicate does not exist so if you do something bad, everybody will know it’s you - real self
Your real self can’t be hidden, it will surely come out - traits
Your real you speaks and tastes, therefore, it only portrays you - quality self
You show how they should take, see and handle you - self-dignity
No one sees you better than how you see yourself
Therefore, always see that better you.
 Joseph Agyare-Debrah,
West Africa SHS,
Adenta, Accra.


Happiness is not something you postpone for the future
It is something you design for the present
If you love what you are doing
You will be happy
Many  people miss their share of happiness
Not because they never found it
But because they didnÕt stop to enjoy it
To be a happy man
You need to be content with what you have
And have a forgiving heart.
Joshua Abakah,
PRESEC, Teshie.
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Rolling like the sea waves
On the surface of the earth
Countless lives it snatches
Making families mourn their loved ones
Oh who can tell the young ones
Springing up joyfully like tender flowers
To be careful because HIV and AIDS are real
For they make children orphans
But we can stop their spread
Before it destroys us all
So let us do what is right as kids
No immorality, no sex now!
Adagbledu K. Nutifafape,
Markate International School.

Vision is a goal one has planned to achieve
The achievement of my goal depends on
Reading my books and paying attention in class
Are sure ways of attaining my goal
Being careful with whatever I do
And the friends I choose
Who can kill my vision in life
My vision shall surely come to pass.
Dorcas Afriyie,
Prempeh College Basic ‘B’.