How can I choose a profession?

Dear Auntie Betty,  I am a final-year student in junior high school. I have not been able to figure out the course and profession I want to do.

Can you please help me choose my future profession?




Dear Aba,
It is difficult to figure out what you want to do in future at this stage. The things you yearn for now may not be of interest to you as you further your education.

It is good that many schools are now organising Career Day as part of their programmes. This is to help educate children on the various professions so that they can develop interest in any of them and work towards them.

Your interest in a profession will enable you to choose the required subjects. For instance, you need to be a science student before you can pursue medicine at the tertiary level. You can identify a particular profession and find a mentor to assist and guide you.

Above all, you have to study hard and get good grades because if you perform poorly, it will be difficult to realise your dreams. Make sure you pass every exam and that will serve as a stepping stone to achieve your dreams.

All the best.


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