He’s threatened to destroy my name

BY: Junior Graphic

Dear Auntie Betty, I am a 14-year-old girl who just completed JHS. There is a boy in my school who is dating my best friend.

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He told me he loved me and that he wanted to have intimate relations with me but I said no to him. He then told me that if I did not accept his request, he would tell all the students that I had been having sexual relations with the boys in my class. What can I do to stop him?



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Dear Nita, I would be happy if you could confide in your mother about this so as to get rid of the mental torture you might be going through now. I would also encourage you to avoid an encounter with the boy.

 If you live in the same neighbourhood, make sure there is no way you will have any contact with him. It would be best to withdraw from the friendship of the girl you describe as your best friend.

You can also inform any trusted adult about the threats from the boy so that his parents  would be informed to stop him, but never in any way yield to the boy’s threats. 

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