Shocking footage shows moment before woman is 'publicly executed by Al-Qaeda for adultery'

BY: Mirror.co.uk
Shocking Persecution: Jabhat al-Nusra reportedly publicly executed a woman for adultery in Syria

A shocking video has emerged of a mother blasted in the head in a public execution by Al-Qaeda for alleged adultery.

The Muslim woman, dressed in a black robe and hijab (headscarf), is forced to kneel down with her hands behind her back.

She is surrounded by armed and masked jihadi fighters, several of whom film the bloody killing on their smartphones.

Before the shooting, the executioner preaches to the crowd that has gathered to watch, explaining she has been convicted by a Sharia court of being unfaithful to her husband and condemning her for allegedly running a brothel.

He then raises his hand gun and swiftly shoots her at point blank range in the head, prompting cheers of Allahu Akbar, 'God is greatest' in Arabic.

The video - filmed in Idlib city in Syria - was posted on social media and has drawn condemnation even from rival Islamists, according to the Mail Online, with one ISIS supporter asking 'which Sharia (Islamic law) is that???'.

The masked fighters are believed to be from Jabhat al-Nusra - an Al-Qaeda affiliated group based in Syria.

Al-Qaeda have taken responsibility for the Paris terror attacks in which 17 people were shot and its commander Nasr al-Ansi has hailed evil brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi as “heroes of Islam”.


cREDIT: mirror.co.uk