Girl witnesses her parents’ brutal murder

BY: Isaac Yeboah

Gangsters on Thursday night murdered the manager of a tea company and his wife in cold blood as their eight-year-old daughter watched.

Unknown assailants raided Kapchorwa Tea Company in Nandi County and killed a watchman guarding the manager’s house.

They then walked into the house and shot both the manager and his wife dead.

The thugs did not steal anything from the house, raising questions about the motive behind the killing.

Daughter’s plea

The killers are said to have ignored pleas from the slain couple’s daughter to spare her mother and father as they pumped bullets into their bodies.

As they made their get-away after the crime, they met the assistant manager who was responding to the distress call and also shot him, causing him serious injuries, before disappearing into the darkness of Kapchorwa Forest.

Police on Friday combed the expansive forest for the assailants in vain. They said they had launched investigations into the murders.

Source: Daily Nation