Father, stepson shot dead by neighbour over noise in apartment building
Father, stepson shot dead by neighbour over noise in apartment building. New York Daily News/TNS

Father, stepson shot dead by neighbour over noise in apartment building

A Brooklyn bodybuilder and his stepson were shot dead in the hallway outside their apartment in an ongoing dispute with their angry downstairs neighbor who stormed their home to complain about the noise, police said Monday.
The furious resident of the Flatbush Gardens Complex in East Flatbush shot the 47-year-old dad, Bladimy Mathurin, and the victim’s 27-year-old stepson, Chin Wai Mode, in the fourth-floor hallway outside their apartment around 10:30 p.m. Sunday, cops said.


“That guy killed my son, my husband,” Marie Luc Delille, 48, said from her apartment, where blood was still pooled outside the door. “That guy terrified my family. The only family I have, my husband and my children. I have nobody else.”

Delille’s young daughter witnessed the horror.

“My daughter needs therapy,” she said. “That happened in front of her.”

Cops recovered surveillance footage that shows the gunman, who resides on the third floor of the apartment complex on Brooklyn Ave., storm upstairs to confront his neighbors for making a racket, according to a police source.

An argument ensued between the victims and their disgruntled neighbor that spilled into the hallway, cops said. At one point, Mathurin retreated back into his home, only to emerge a short time later wielding scissors, according to police.

That’s when the gunman drew a weapon and unleashed a barrage of gunfire, striking both men in the head and back, cops said.

Delille said the dispute started with the downstairs neighbor banging on the ceiling before coming upstairs to confront them.

“When he banged, my husband banged back,” Delille said. “Then he feels so upset, he comes and kicks the door. My husband goes outside. That’s when he just grab his gun and blew my husband and blew my son.”

Before the shots were fired, Delille said she tried to intercede.

“I went outside,” she recounted. “I tell my husband, ‘Leave him alone. Come. Come. Get inside.’ I could hear a voice telling me, get inside. When I was turning my back, he shot my husband. I didn’t know of my son. I thought my son was inside. My husband went out first. Had an argument with him. That’s when my son went out.”

Delille said they had had run-ins with the man before. She said the neighbor was prejudiced against her family because they are Haitian.

“Haitian. Look what you did to your country,” she says the shooter said to her previously. “I be like, ‘Yeah. Haitian people give you freedom. Haitian people give Black people freedom.'”

After the shooting, the gunman took an elevator down to the lobby and fled the building heading east towards Brooklyn Ave., cops said.

Investigators recovered nine .45-caliber shell casings and five bullet fragments from the scene.

Police described the shooter as a dark-skinned bald man wearing a blue jacket and tan boots.

Mathurin was the father of Delille’s three younger children. They had been married for 19 years. Her bodybuilding husband drove a school bus and was an Uber driver.

“I don’t know if I’m going to survive,” she said. “I don’t feel safe. I need safety. I need safety. I was planning to move.”

Delille said her son was loving and outgoing.

“He respects people,” she said. “Everybody. He would hug you. Yesterday, I tell him, ‘Chin Wai, can you make me a soup?’”

Neighbors and relatives walked past the blood to comfort Delille and her family. Among the mourners was Mode’s biological father, Mike Felix.


“He’s a boy who never have problems,” Felix said. “He’s a good boy. He’s not a trouble-maker. He stays in the house. His mother keeps him here. He goes to school. He comes back home.”

Mode’s 10-year-old sister, Nhayalla Lister, said she saw her father and her brother’s final moments.

“The guy downstairs keep banging every time we make noise and my dad banged back,” she said. “And then the guy came upstairs and kicked our door and then my dad came out. He confronted him. The guy had a gun and shot my brother and my dad.”

“I was inside the house when I heard the ‘pow pow,’ the gunshots,” the girl said. “And then when it stopped I looked outside and I saw my dad on the floor. I was considering where’s my brother and I looked farther and he was by the staircase.”


The 59-unit privately-owned complex, built in the late 40s, was formerly known as the Vanderveer Estates. It was the childhood home of Barbra Streisand. It has been beset by crime and deteriorating conditions in subsequent decades and was renamed more than a decade ago.

It’s also where actor Michael K. Williams grew up. Williams, who rose to fame as Omar Little, the shotgun-wielding stickup man on “The Wire,” died of a fentanyl overdose in 2021.

credit: New York Daily News/TNS

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