Africa CDC expresses concern over Tanzania's response


The director of Africa Centre for Disease Control has expressed concern about Tanzania's handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr John Nkengasong told BBC's Newsday that there was no enough data to determine the situation in Tanzania.
He said the centre had developed a continental joint response strategy to be able to defeat the virus.
"We continue to hope and plead that Tanzania could come forth and report the situation as it is so that we can work collaboratively to stem this virus out of the continent," he said.
He emphasised on the need for all African countries to work together.

"We continue to reach out [to Tanzania] but we are not having the response that we expect," he said.

Tanzania's President John Magufuli has insisted that his country has been "saved" from the virus and declared the country virus free.

The country is getting ready for October elections and is an electioneering mood. People have been going about their business with no masks or social distancing.
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