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Sun, Dec

Tens of thousands march in London anti-austerity rally

Tens of thousands of people have marched through central London to protest against UK government cuts to social welfare and public institutions.


"No ifs, no buts, no public sector cuts," the anti-austerity protesters chanted on Saturday, calling for increased investment in the health service, housing, education and public sector pay, as well as for protection on Britain's troubled steel industry.

Some protesters also demanded Prime Minister David Cameron to quit following revelations that he had shares in an offshore fund set up by his late father, holding up banners saying "Ditch Dodgy Dave" and "Cameron Must Go - Tories Out".

"For somebody in that position, you have a duty of care to the people of the country to be very open, very transparent. Just because something is legal doesn't always make it right," protester Sarah Henney told the AFP news agency.

Cameron said he sold his offshore holdings before taking office in 2010 and denied allegations that his father had set up his fund to avoid paying tax.

But the row has put him under pressure at a difficult time, as he seeks to manage an increasingly bitter fight within his Conservative party over the upcoming referendum on EU membership.

Some 128 of the 330 Conservative MPs and several of Cameron's own ministers are campaigning against him in favour of leaving the EU ahead of the June 23 vote.

Veteran Tory MP Ken Clarke warned on Saturday that if Cameron loses the vote, he will be forced out of office.

Credit : Al Jazeera