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Fri, Sep

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North Korea's foreign minister has delivered a scornful response to US President Donald Trump's threat to destroy the hermit kingdom, likening it to the sound of "a dog barking."

Ri Yong Ho, who is in the US for the United Nations General Assembly, said he "felt sorry" for Trump's advisers after the speech on Tuesday.

Hurricane Maria damaged buildings in Puerto Rico and left streets covered in debris

International News

Hurricane Maria has knocked out power across the island of Puerto Rico, home to 3.5m people, officials have said.

The US National Hurricane Center said "catastrophic" flooding was sweeping parts of the island.

Meanwhile more pictures are emerging of widespread destruction on the small island of Dominica, hit on Monday.

Members of the Global-High Level Panel on Water and Peace, with Federal councillor Didier Burkhalter, Head of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs; François Münger, Director of the Geneva Water Hub, and Prof. Yves Flückiger, Rector of the University of Geneva

International News

A report of the Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace has been launched in Geneva, Switzerland, the green city of Europe.

The report, titled: “A Matter of Survival”, tries to generate extensive international awareness of water resources and their proper management.

Rescuers and volunteers tried to find survivors under the debris of collapsed buildings

International News

A strong earthquake has struck central Mexico, killing more than 200 people and toppling dozens of buildings in the capital, Mexico City.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said more than 20 children had died and 30 were missing after a school collapsed.

The 7.1 magnitude quake also caused major damage in neighbouring states.

Clockwise from top left: Representatives from Israel, Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia listen to Mr Trump's speech

International News

Donald Trump's first major speech at the United Nations has been denounced by some of the member nations he singled out for criticism.

The US president included Iran among "a small group of rogue regimes", and said the US would "totally destroy" North Korea if forced to do so.

A huge earthquake has killed at least 138 people in central Mexico, according to the BBC, with at least 64 deaths occurring in Morelos state.

Ramaphosa criticises ANC leadership ahead of vote


South African Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, a leading contender to become head of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) in December, has stepped up his criticism of the government saying state-owned companies had been “captured” and funds looted from them.

Mr Ramaphosa’s remarks during a speech yesterday to an ANC meeting in the old diamond-mining town of Kimberley were tougher than others he have made on government graft, signaling the issue would be a main theme of his campaign.

The tomb was found in the Draa Abul Naga necropolis, which was used for officials


Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered the tomb of a royal goldsmith containing the mummies of a woman and her two children, authorities have said.

The tomb, dating back to the New Kingdom (16th to 11th Centuries BC), was found near the Nile city of Luxor, 400 miles (700km) south of Cairo.

The security forces in Togo fired tear gas in the early hours of this morning to disperse hundreds of anti-government protestors taking part in a late-night sit in in the capital, Lomé.

News agencies have been filing photographs of demonstrators bedding down for the all-night vigil:

Th UN mission in Mali, Minusma, was established in 2013


The UN Security Council has set up a sanctions system allowing the UN to penalise anyone who violates Mali's 2015 peace deal, obstructs the delivery of aid, commits human rights abuses or recruits child soldiers.

Anyone who violates the terms will face a travel ban or asset freeze, according to the resolution which was initiated by France and unanimously adopted by the 15-member Security Council.

Madam Heather Cameron, Canadian High Commissioner to Ghana (left), in an interview with Ms Kate Baaba Hudson, Foreign Page Editor of the Daily Graphic


Canada and Ghana have had a very important and long-standing partnership and the two countries continue to work towards further strengthening the relationship for their mutual benefit.

“Our diplomatic relations date back to Ghana’s independence and Ghana was Canada’s first international development partner,” the Canadian High Commissioner to Ghana, Madam Heather Cameron, has stated.

Emergency officials in Niger say torrential rains have destroyed hundreds of houses outside the capital, Niamey.

Colonel Aboubacar Bako, director general of civil protection and disasters, was quoted by the Associated Press news agency as saying on Tuesday that residents were forced to evacuate after several days of heavy downpours. 

Other World News

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Erna Solberg is projected to be Norway's first Conservative PM to be re-elected since 1985


Norway's Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg appears set for a second term after claiming victory in the country's general election.

Ms Solberg's ruling coalition with the Progress Party is slated to win 89 of 169 seats, with 95% of votes counted.

The opposition Labour Party appears to have maintained its position as the largest single group in parliament.

Hassan Rouhani said that under Donald Trump the US was not a "reliable negotiator"

Middle East

Iran's president has warned that it could restart its nuclear programme "within hours" if the United States imposes any more new sanctions.

Hassan Rouhani also said the programme would be more advanced than in 2015, when Iran curbed its nuclear activities as part of a deal with world powers.

Iran says unilateral US sanctions targeting its ballistic missile programme breach the agreement.

A total solar eclipse has wowed the US.

A huge shadow cast by the Moon as it passed in front of the Sun swept across the nation, from Oregon in the west to South Carolina in the east.

Millions of people moved to get into the path of darkness, putting on their protective glasses to gaze at the sky in wonder.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai says the "global community" needs to intervene to protect Myanmar's Muslim minority.

She urged Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi to speak up for the Rohingya.

"We can't be silent right now. The number of people who have been displaced is hundreds of thousands," Malala told the BBC.