Countdown begins... Being appreciated

BY: Yaw Boadu Ayeboafoh
Yaw Boadu Ayeboafoh - The author
Yaw Boadu Ayeboafoh - The author

It is always a source of comfort, great comfort to know that your efforts are widely appreciated.

Nelson Mandela.

My association with the Graphic Communications Group Limited as a permanent employee will end this year as I am due for retirement. I have since the beginning of the year attempted to give account of some of the developments I have gone through serving as a journalist with the company.

One thing that I will defend at the peril of my life is to fight injustice, especially if it is directed against the vulnerable. It was in that line that as Editor of the Daily Graphic I wrote a number of editorial comments demanding that students are allowed as many times as they are ready and willing to resit the Basic Education Certificate Examination.

But even as I worked for justice for Junior High School pupils who were treated unjustly, others took note and recognised my effort.

As part of my experience therefore, I want to share with the public a letter I received from the Salt & Light Ministries; “A Salt & Light Motivational Letter” dated September 17, 2013 signed by Dr Joyce R. Aryee, Executive Director.

Dear Yaw,

“You Are Unique”.

Grace, mercy and peace be yours from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord.

As you may know, Salt and Light Ministries is a ministry of encouragement to the Body of Christ, to be everything that God, in Christ, has raised us to be (Matt. 5:16). As part of our mission of motivating and encouraging people to be the best God wants them to be, we take this opportunity to write to let you know YOU ARE UNIQUE for your courageous and enduring attempts of championing the cause of the BECE re-sit examination.

God has carefully, intentionally and individually crafted you and vested in you various skills, talents and tasks, and has called you by name to accomplish certain things for Him. This thought should bring you great comfort as you seek to do your part in the larger scheme of the affairs of this nation.

God is the Author and Enabler of every human ability, and so as you go about your duties, please remember that your personal abilities, skills and work habits are specific gifts from God, which you are to use for His glory.

You are not just a collection of genes and molecules thrown together by random chance. God, the Lord of the universe, has called you into being for a special purpose. As you go through the inevitable trials and tribulations, stresses and hazards of our world please consider these three profound and important points:

1. You are unique - You may indeed have many things in common with other people but never forget that you are one of a kind. There is no one like you – nothing of yours can be matched to someone else’s. You have been specially hand-crafted by God with your personality, your unique set of talents and motivations as well as your own special “bent” in life (Ps. 139:13-16).

2. You have a unique purpose - Not only has God made you, He has designed you for His special reasons – He has created you to carry out a unique purpose and mission in life. He has called you to do “good works” (Eph 2:10) and is able and willing to help you to discover and carry out the purposes for which He so lovingly and carefully crafted you.

3. You have a responsibility to God – As your Creator, God expects you to live in Him and for Him. Your life needs to be centred on God since ultimately you belong to Him (Rom. 14:7-8). Whatever you do, ought to be done as His representative, His ambassador who seeks to bring Him glory (2 Cor. 5:20).

May the Lord garrison you with His love and endure you with all wisdom and discernment so that you can use all your gifts, talents and skills to His glory and for the well being, advancement and prosperity of our dear nation. He who has called you is faithful. He will do it!!

Once again


Yours Sincerely,

Dr Joyce R. Aryee