BY: Junior Graphic
What makes you feel toouched

A touch can indicate affection (care, comfort and warmth).

However, touching can also be bad when the part of the body being touched is inappropriate.

When touching is bad, it can lead to physical, sexual, emotional and psychological harm.


The range of touches

Have you been touched in a way that you find inappropriate or uncomfortable?

Who touched you?

When did this happen?

Which part of your body was touched?

Did you feel comfortable with it?

Why did the person touch you?

Your body is yours, nobody has the right to touch you if you don’t want to be touched. If someone is bothering you, no matter who that person is, you have the right to stop them and tell a trusted person what happened.

And make sure you never let your guard down when anyone begins to pay so much attention to you. Such people can begin by holding your hands and eventually begin to touch parts of your body which are private.