SIM Card re-registration exercise : attitudinal change needed

BY: Benjamin Kwame Amankwa
SIM Card re-registration exercise : attitudinal change needed
SIM Card re-registration exercise : attitudinal change needed

The SIM card re-registration exercise started on October 1, 2021. According to the National Comminutions Authority (NCA), the exercise is to help build and develop a SIM database with integrity to curb fraudulent activities and secure SIM card-based transactions.

The exercise will also help to determine the accurate number of valid SIM cards on the various telecommunication networks in the country.

One outstanding factor that has worked against the registration exercise the past is the attitude of the public, which has affected the .

current re-registration exercise, leading to the extension of to deadlines already.

The nonchalant attitude of some people shown in their refusal to go to the registration centres to register their SIM cards until the last minute puts pressure on both the registration officials and the equipment used for the registration.

It beats the imagination as to why some cannot spend about 20 minutes at a registration centre to a SIM registered, but later turn to blame the government for the frustration associated with the registration exercise.

The last-minute syndrome, which is characteristic of most Ghanaians, seems to have eaten deep.

It is, however, costly in terms of time and resources.


Another negative attitude working against the registration exercise is the politicisation.

Even on issues of national importance, where one expects a convergence of ideas in the national interest, we are quick to take entrenched partisan political positions.

We put our personal and group interests above the national.

Whilst there may be genuine issues that warrant divergent opinions, the issue of SIM card re-registration is not one of those issues.

The SIM card registration exercise is an exercise that requires a nationalistic approach.

Taking entrenched positions on issues of national importance stifles initiative and militates against the swift and smooth operation of a government.

As citizens, we need to realise that all struggles by both government and the opposition are towards the same agenda; the development of the country.

We must, thus, learn to agree on issues that help in nation-building and development.


Waning sands of patriotism is another problem working against almost all government initiatives in Ghana.

Most of us have become unpatriotic and have sworn to make the country poor.

This is shown in our attitude toward efforts like SIM card registration exercises.

Patriotism by definition is the love for or devotion to one’s country.
Most lack devotion to Ghana.

A patriot of Ghana will not complain about long queues at the SIM card registration centres. Rather, he or she would be persistent

in making sure that his or her SIM card is registered in spite of the long queues.

This is because he or she is devoted to Ghana and wants to see it work.

Attitudinal change

The way forward is attitudinal change.

As the closing date for the SIM card registration exercise is extended to the end of September 2022, we must all take advantage of the extension and make it a priority to visit the registration centres to get our SIM cards registered.

The attitude of waiting until the last minute to register should be a thing of the past.

We must be patriots who understand that the national developmental agenda requires a collective effort in the smallest way possible.

The benefits of the SIM card registration exercise are enormous.

Let us come together and register within the stipulated time.

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